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Errors and omissions in Sue Bruce's speech


Sue Bruce the CEO of Edinburgh Council has made a speech (full text of report here) which contains a number of big statements and claims about the benefits of the tram project, unfortunately they seem to be unsupported by the actual facts in the Council's own reports.

This story (here) is to be circulated to press, media , all councillors and a group of MSPs and MPs who have shown a real interest in getting to the bottom of this mess.

The residents behind this site who have fought for years to bring the true facts and effects of the Tram project to public awareness will be happy to debate with Sue Bruce upon these facts at any public forum and await her invitation.

The Residents have been accussed by council officers of spreading alasrm and concern about the project. and misusing the figures-- read this article and judge for yourself whether that alarm and concern is justified or who is really misusing the figures.