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Charlotte Square Traffic proposals

I wrote this getting on for five years ago now

"On the subject of the Charlotte Square development this press release sent to media highlights the divergence between what the Aarhus Convention Compliance committee were told about Hope Street (connecting Charlotte Square to Queensferry Street) and what the TRO to the Transport Infrastructure and Environment committee was saying.

Or at least what they would have been told had the TRO debate not been pulled from the agenda at the very last minute.

No reason has benn given as to why it was pulled.

On this site we have speculated that it had been so sloppily drawn, in haste, that it may not have been entirely legally compliant.

Or perhaps those responsible simply realised that having a interrnational commmitee of the UN producing a report in which their understanding of possibilties presented by the Council would be totally contradicted by the TRO presented by the same council at the same moment would be just too embarassing to contemplate."

Of course the council manoeuvering in 2012 was designed to hoodwink the UN committee looking into their promises

  • Today you have Charlotte Square developed and the boutique personal finance offices line the south side of the square
  • Today you have traffic lights on a single carriageway Hope Street that carries tiny amounts of traffic back and forth... and so tiny amounts of traffic go into the square (as we said and the council denied)
  • Today you have absolutely no progress on the public realm works...none of the deal sweetner works....none of the money spent by the Council, none of the money promised by the developer.

You read it here 2012