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'Hints and info' on how to object

  • To object to any proposal made by the City of Edinburgh Council you can either write or email.(see bottom of page for an example of the actual format that you may wish to use)
  • In respect of Charlotte Square the TRO/12/23 (Traffic Regulation Order) and RSO /02/12 can be objected to separately, so you can object to one or the other, or both.
Ther TRO is a proposal to change the amount of traffic that will flow through Charlotte Square, while the RSO is an order concerned with the changes to the actual physical appearance of the Square after the traffic flow has been restricted by the TRO.
Step One, (If you do wish to object to either proposal) then in both instances either
A) ---- Write to : to Marshall Poulton, THE HEAD OF TRANSPORT, SERVICES FOR COMMUNITIES, CITY CHAMBERS, HIGH STREET, EDINBURGH, EH1 1YJ, not later than 15/6/12.


B) ---- Email to :

Step Two, There are some things that are needed for an objection to be valid, 

  • It is best to put < My Objection to TRO/12/23 > and/or for the second email < My Objection to RSO/02/12 > in the 'Subject line' of the email. If writing then make sure this is prominent.
  • Remember to make a separate objection to RSO 12/02, if you wish to; you can't object to both in one letter/email or you risk seeing the objection ruled out as invalid
  •  You must remember to write your normal postal address, with post code, for it to be valid, either in letter or email.
Step Three
You need to state a definite reason for your objection.
This has to address the specific issue of traffic (These are two orders relating to traffic flows and the subsequent streetscape). Rather than, for example, the use to which the buildings are to be to put--that is not the subject of the TRO or RSO.
In particular you may be concerned about the effects created by the traffic that will no longer flow through the Square; if you feel these vehicles are likely to seek to find an alternative route through, for instance, Randolph Crescent, Great Stuart Street, Great Kings Street, Dundas Street, Howe Street, as well as Stockbridge and Inverleith and indeed even further afield.
These effects include:
  • Displaced traffic no longer able or willing to use Charlotte Square causing more congestion, and as a result, not just higher levels of pollution; but the transfer of these higher pollution levels to your street.
  • This displaced traffic causes more noise, whether from emergency vehicles sirens, lorries, general vehicle noise or rumble.
  • The displaced traffic, especially HGVs, (which are to be specifically barred from Charlotte Square), on uneven cobbles, even covered by tarmac, heavy vehicles can cause vibration damage to buildings built for an age when the weight and speed of vehicles today was unimagined.
  • This displaced traffic causes danger and inconvenience for people trying to cross the streets.
  • The displaced traffic adds to the general degredation of environment and denial of amenity- for instance by making it impossible to enjoy the Gardens in Ainslie Place or Randolph Crescent.
  • The displaced traffic envisaged by this TRO added to other displaced traffic created by TRO's published in connection with the Edinburgh Tram Project, is occurring within a World Heritage Site, which the Council have a specific duty of care to protect---not turn it into an unacknolwledged inner city 'North Circular Road'.

One example:

Charlotte Sq, Glenfinlas St & Hope St
"The effect will be to amend the various waiting restrictions on Charlotte 
Square, Glenfinlas Street and Hope Street; introduce additional load/unloading 
prohibitions on the aforementioned roads including North Charlotte Street; 
introduce one-way traffic flow on the south, west and north limbs of Charlotte 
Square; introduce a weight limit to operate at all times for vehicles of more 
than 7.5 tonnes on Hope Street between Queensferry Street and Hope Street Lane; 
and permit vehicles of more than 7.5 tonnes to access Princes Street from 
Queensferry Street between the hours of 8pm and 7am the following day."
I object to TRO/12/23 on the following grounds:
restricting traffic to one-way will reduce the flow of traffic and effectively 
divert traffic through adjacent residential areas.
introducing a weight limit will reduce the flow of traffic and
effectively divert traffic through adjacent residential areas.  In addition 
this creates the only unrestricted route for heavy vehicles across Edinburgh to 
pass through exclusively residential areas such as Great Stuart Street and 
Randolph Crescent.
Together these measures will severely degrade the residential environment and 
damage the health of residents. They should be rejected  on these grounds.
Your etc.