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The Edinburgh tram project's already balloonming cost may be about to balloon further.

The most recent assertions from Edinburgh Council are that all is well and (finally) on track--however John Carson a promionent tram crtic whose predictions have been proved to be right in the past, now fears the tram is poised to slip further even behind the new revised schedule with the results that even more money will be needed.


A detailed report sent as a story by John Carson with pictures by Ashley Lloyd done after publicity from the Council asserted all was well and proceeding apace with the tram project.

By connecting to the PDF you can see pictures showing a total lack of activity at many key areas along the route on a Tuesday afternoon recently, with good weather.

Alongside these images is John Carson's argued reasoning as to why major problems remain and the timeline is indeed slipping.

The people have spoken now the new administration must listen

The Edinburgh elections show more than anything else that it was effectively a referendum on the tram project.      Whatever political spin the politicians try and make the fact it is, as the fate of the Lib dems shows, and of their doomed figureheads most closely associated with the tram, Jenny Dawe and Gordon Mackenzie, this was the voice of the people speaking about this project and the light it has shone on a self serving, paralysed political class within the city.


This 'ere tram is no more!  With apologies to Monty & Python and team.

Four simple questions to ask before voting

Four questions for condidates to answer before they take our votes for granted.

4 questions for new councillors


DARKNESS VISIBLE-2 when openess isn't quite what it may seem

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emails from CEC released under FOI request



OPEN LETTER to Sue Bruce from a group of concerned engineers

A group of concerned engineers wrote an open letter about the trams almost a year ago and many of those concerns, disregarded by the council came to pass---not least in the recent scandal about toxic land being fly tipped.... one of the specific issues flagged up in the letter.

Now they have written a second letter expressing grave concerns about the engineering problems in the turn needed after leaving St Andrews Square, using North St Andrews Street, to get into York Place.