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DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC


Emails obtained fromn one Freedom of Information request shed light on what was going on behind the scenes when others were made last year.

The June 30th meeting of the council was a crucial one in setting the course of the project in the teeth of heavy criticism and fears over the eventual total cost.

One aspect hardly mentioned was the potential for the on road sections of the Tram to create increses in traffic pollutants in residential streets with the displacement of vehicle traffic demanded by the design of the tram system and it's relatively high average speed.

As our

DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC

FOI email extracts that show what was going on within CEC as a vital vote drew near in June last year

Open letter to Sue Bruce from independent engineers

PDF version of and open letter from a group of experienced Civil and Transport engineers sent to City of Edinburgh Council CEO, Sue bruce on 25th April 2012

It isn't just us saying it

Born in Edinburgh, spent years in Academia, in London and Oxford, and on the FT,  but obviously hasn't had all the commonsense knocked out of him..a view on the Trams from John Kay with a well argued and concise view on why "Trams belong museums".....


.....  we don't necessarily agree with most views in the article, just most of them.



Independent Engineers warning of more trouble ahead for the Tram project



Read text of 26-04-2012 new open letter here.

A group of Independent Civil Engineners with great experience of transport and construction projects across the world wrote an open letter almost one year ago.

This raised a number of points and taking just one of them---

2) Has the cost of removing all the contaminated ground that has been logged and 
plotted along the above section of the works been taken into consideration?
Recent media stories showed the woeful state of affairs,

108--Worse than road accidents, worse than passive smoking--put together

    PDF form of release showing air pollution worse than passive smoking and deaths in road traffic accidents...added together.

108-Worse than Road accidents, worse than passive smoking



  1. What takes a greater toll each year than road traffic accidents—at least five times as great?
  2. What takes a greater toll than passive smoking each year – at least three times as great?

The answer to both questions is PM 2.5 -- Particulate Matter 2.5

There is no argument about this, it is a fact produced by the Institute of Occupational Medicine and based on nationally available statistics.

  • FACT:PM2.5 is one class of pollutants created by many sources, traffic is overwhelmingly the major cause in Edinburgh, there

Independents day

Despite the recent spin, worries have already emerged that the Tram project is again heading for more catastrophic overspending even on the bloated new budget.

Things have to change and they can change only if the elected Council chamber can be re-energised and re-invigorated.

With all 4 parties and the Greens equally implicated in the political infighting and paralysis that has allowed the project to be driven by unelected officials and managers since the demise of tie it may be time to vote for asn independent candidate...any independent candidate.

The managed debates, whipped votes and

107w----Independents day

The only way to get a grip is get a new energy into the City Chamber.

The best way to achieve that is to get as many independent candidates elected --- irrespective of  their views may be on the tram.

Even a true independent in favour of the tram will at least have no hidden agenda and be more prepared to take a clear sighted look at the facts than the time servers in the main parties whose votes are so often whipped into shape to serve perceived party interest rather the general good of the city.

The traditional party members have the independent outlook 'whipped' out of them and it is the

Edinburgh Council Chiefs broke the Law over 'document shredding' case

The constant drip feed of news about how the council manage the news surrounding the tram is disturbing.

The default position for a while has been to say nothing, but increasingly evidnence like today's news from the Scottish Information Commissioner shows an inquiry is urgently needed wile there is still time to address the catastophic fault lines still lying across the project as it stands.

Right now the most pernicious effect of the project may not be the sheer cost still spiralling ever higher, or even the blighted project design parameters that are the cause of rising traffic and the