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Council's framework report on the Southern Arc

The glossy presentation of proposals for the 'Southern Arc' predicated upon the issues of traffic created pollution and the effects on helath---issues teh council have consistently under recorded in respect of their other plans for the 'Northern arc' , continue to under record...and in addition, remain in a stste of denial about any desirability to do the same proper health impacts assessment in the congested Northern Arc of the 2nd New Town.

Or the under assessed Stockbridge 'arc', Trinity ' arc' , Drumsheugh 'arc' and the other areas of the city also seeing traffic increases

Signs of the times--anti-tram posters

This link to a Flckr site connects to a series of anti-tram posters produced by a small print shop in the Haymarket area typical of many small businesses across the city having to battle through years of upheaval driving away custom with no real idea of what, if any , the advantages will be even when the work finishes.

The words in italic are there own description of the effects of this project.

Their opposition, like so much opposition, is dismissed as fragmentory but as we hope to show on our site there are many people across Edinburgh tired of the project being rammed forward regardless

Won't Get Fooled Again?



Telling it as it is……. Not only the reporter who wrote the story but the people commenting on the story in the Daily Record today (April 13th 2012), click the PDF to see comments and link or go straight to the page below.

106w- Daily Record story casts Doubt on Trams figures


Telling it as it is……. Not only the reporter who wrote the story but the people commenting on the story in the Daily Record today (April 13th 2012)

Costs soaring to infinity and beyond


For downloadable PDF version click here

Costs soar off the Graph …   To infinity and beyond!

For the residents group the main objection to the Edinburgh Tram project is and always has been the heedless displacement of traffic it causes.

Because this leads to increased levels of pollution, and noise pollution, that will produce increased incidences of ‘bad health outcomes’—strokes, respiratory tract conditions (asthmas) and heart attacks.

The group feels this is unnecessary and caused by a need for size and speed designed into the project for reasons always suspect and now utterly

105w- To Infinity -- and beyond

A graph showing the reality of costs in the project--and why it is impossible for it to come in under £776M, unless the financing costs are left out and doing thst would be fiddling the figures...and CEC would never do that.  At present the tram project is costing over £3,000 an inch and rising ....

w104---The money is already running out..... again!!


The truth will out eventually.

The latest reports today show that even the extra £231M borrowed is running out quickly

But as ever you could have 'read it here first'.:

9th August 2011: John Carson prominent critic of the flawed Edinburgh Tram scheme said.

        “…Stopping the tram, mothballing the project and finding a       better way to move forward is the unavoidable and necessary       first step in making sure there is money available to do    anything…. “


w104---The money is already running out..... again

For years prominent critics of the tram project have warned that the costs could one day reach £1 Billion for what is a fragment of the original project left on the table.


A story today shows these warnings are not  the scaremongering that they were dismissed as being by the council's  but predictions from people with experience of large transport and civil engineering projects that are proving to be more accurate than the council's own optimistic predictions.  Hardly surprising given the history of Council predictions across the whole life of the project.

Alstead v Anderson-- exchange over the tram project

An exchange between former Council leader Donald Anderson emerging from the political and professional graveyard becoming ever more populated by people who accepted the case for the tram project uncritically, to gently re-write the history of the project--and Allan alstead a prominent and long standing sceptic of the same project.

Played out in the letters page of the Scotsman newspaper at least Mr Anderson shows himself ready to acknowledge mistakes, now freed from the cares of office, as in the acceptance of the Council's recent astonishing admission that the solid 10.5 million passengers a

Anderson v Alstead: Trams right---or wrong

An exchange of views which has the merit of being an open debate, between ex Council Leader Donald Anderson and prominent campaigner against Council secrecy and obfuscation over the Edinburgh Tram Project, Allan Alstead.