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Comparing Air Quality in Queen Street and Randolph Crescent

The graph charts the match between the readings from the CEC measuring in Queen street and Residents own measuring in Randolph Place--except for one significant difference.


Two maps that highlight the 'now you see it--and now you don't' reality of Princes Street the City's main East-West arterial road from the 18th century until now.

Workshops report to TI&E committee no residents input

This report was built on a set of draft proposals handed in by residents at a meeting arranged by Council executive Andy Conway and then unattended by any council officials--however it was written in secrecy and no input, opinion or contribution was sought by those residents on the workshops committees who had done the work to produce the proposals.

CEC minutes for 02-09-2011 meeting at which vote for Haymarket option was over turned

Just over a week after the council's Labour and Conservative groups carried the vote in favour of the 'pause at Haymarket' option the council reverses that decision with pressure from outside in the form of threats to remove funding by John Swinney of the SNP Scottish Government forcing the council to accept the more expensive and more pollutative York Place option.

Minutes of CEC meeting at which Haymarket option was adopted 25-08-2011

Councillors vote down the ruling coalition and go for the option to pause at Haymarket after expressing doubts over council officers figures for each option, worries that the York Place price even at £770M is an uncapped minimum, and realising the Haymarket option eliminates all pulltion added risks.

Extract from CEC minutes of 30th June 2011

Key extract from the meeting minutes of the 30th June at which City of Edinburgh Council decided to continue on to York Place and rejected the Haymarket option.

CEC Minutes of June 30th 2011 key meeting to decide to push on to York Place

The minutes of the Council meeting at which it was decided to continue with the tram project to York Place despite costing uncertainties and the pollution concerns.

Councillor Tymkewicz tells committee of his fears

SNP councillor Stefan Tymkewycz reveals his own doubts over health issues, and the lack of clarity, in a motion to the oversight committee of the tram project; the Transport, Infrastructure & Evnvironment committee (TI&E)

The SNP as members of the ruling city coalition had a pivotal part to play in reversing the 'pro-pollution reduction' vote of 25 August last year in favour of a 'carry on anyway' decison a few days later.


Council report and minutes on residents redacted motion

The council report and minutes of the consideration of the issues in the resident's redacted motion

AIr quality experts conference frustration at sidelining

The Urban Air Quality conference in Edinburgh in September 2010 was marked by expressions of frustration by experts aware that they were not included inside the discussions when plans for new development are being formulated.  All too often they are brought in at the end after the plan is formed and when it is too late for environmental fears to be factored in. This is a slide from a lecture presented by Dr Beth Conlan.