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Table showing benefit to cost ratio expected for line 1 phase 1a in 2007

IN 2007 the line 1a (Gogar to Newhaven) was showing a very small BCR (Benefit to Cost ratio), of 1:10. This was with line costing £340M and carrying 10.6 million passengers.

In 2011 the line 1a, reduced in length from Gogar to York Place (Queen Street) with the cost having risen to £770M , and with financing costs, not needed for 2007, added it will be at least as high as £1.2Billion--- with passenger levels having collapsed to 5.4 million, just over half.

KIngs College London report showing not only exhaust gases produce particulate matter

Studies show that other particles arise from traffic and create particulate matter pollution. These are from brakes, clutchplate surfaces, tbrasion, and moving parts in the engine---all made worse by stop-start- comngested traffic

Institute of occupational medicine assessment of traffic created pollution compared to other risks

This is a slide from the Institute of Occupational medicine, comparing benefits from tackling traffic created pollution against the benefits from tackling passive smoking and Road Traffic Accidents

Businesses face bleak future

Edinburgh trams: Traders left ‘fearful’ at latest works  

Scotsman - Published on Friday 23 March 2012 12:00

THE latest phase of the city-centre tram project, which gets under way this weekend, will create almost continuous roadworks from Haymarket to Waverley.

Tram Secrecy over payouts

Make trams chief payout public: MSP

From the Scotsman: Published on Wednesday 7 March 2012 14:33


A Labour MSP has hit out at the "secrecy" surrounding Edinburgh's troubled trams project as she called for details of the payout its former chief executive received to be made public.


release 97- Whe is a commitment to openness not a commitment to openness 26-03-2012

Dated 26-03-20102

When is a commitment to openness not a commitment to openness?

When it needs to be worked out later?


release 96- Lies, Damn Lies and NO statistics-09-03-2012

  • A development funded in the main by a Russian businessman holds out the opportunity of converting the Square from a streetscape that is frankly a bit of a mess, into a location that will justify it’s worldwide reputation--- home to a world class hotel and office development and with the high quality paving and road surfacing, street furniture and all the rest to set the seal on it.
  •  So what’s not to like?