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A very simple, straightforward photograph illuminates the crazy state of denial inhabited by the council in so many areas of pollution and traffic increases in residential areas-- especially where the blame leads back to the door of theirb favoured tram project.


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FIDDLING THE FIGURES…..  How to make pollution disappear and keep the tram project on track, without having to lift a finger.


Residents were extremely disappointed that a meeting designed to  ‘get at the truth’, turned out to be so over controlled, heavily choreographed and carefully ‘managed’ it failed to cover many of the issues.


Previous meetings have been curtailed, debate shortened and as a result councillors called for an ordinary meeting simply to

release 40-- Ten streets named by CEC that their own figures show will have traffic increases

By using CEC and TIE's own data and interpreting it, in ways the Council have not themselves published, it is possible to identify streets where more traffic will follow as the Tram project is pushed through and for years to come.

release 40--Ten streets from hundreds on a list the Council won't publish

Dated 04-03-2011


  • The pollution hit list the council haven’t published


  • The Council’sown maps and figures  can be used to show tie and CEC which streets will get hit next -- if they don’t come to their senses and change the plan.


  • see the list below


In 2008 a very expensive study document showed which streets would see a large increase in trafficas a result of the arrival of the Tram.


The list below shows just ten of these streets.


The data doesn’t list them in order of severity--- so the list isn’t a league table as such, more a group of streets taken from a much larger

DEFRA to Edinburgh Council--you are wrong; the residents are right!--release 34

Dated 04-01-2011

The Govt department DEFRA are providing new instructions for all councils in the UK measuring air quality following work by an Edinburgh resident.


Dr Ashley Lloyd, and Edinburgh resident, has maintained that the City of Edinburgh council figures for traffic created air pollution have been routinely and consistently under-estimated because of an error in applying a mathematical formula ‘correction factor’.


DEFRA, now agrees there is a problem, and has sent new instructions to all Councils on how they must properly interpret measurements….. amd highlighting exactly the

34- DEFRA advice shows residents right- Council wrong

After rubbishing the resident's group for pointing out errors in Council air quality measurements -- the Council have been told by DEFRA, the residents ARE right and Copuncil staff have been wrong. January 4th 2011

release 27-TRO not fit for Tram purpose-councillor

SNP Councillor says that TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders), as not meant to be used to divert main arterial roads through residential streets--press release 06-12-2010

TRO mechanism not fit for purpose

Dated: 06-12-2010



  1. A City Councillor on the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment committee says “The main problem…. is the TRO process was not designed to cater for projects… like this one.”


  • “It could be a grave decision that was agreed …. If it subsequently transpires that there are implications for resident’s health, by shifting a busy arterial route into residential streets.”




  1. A Packed Edinburgh Residents meeting asks ‘why haven’t we been told any of this before?’



Councils can't understand legal advice threatening personal liability so adjourn vote for training

Councillors firghtened at possible personal legal action adjourn the vote for 2 months ---so they can receive legal training in order to be able to UNDERSTAND the complex advice from TIE and CEC Lawyers!

Legal Action possibilities against councillors force them to adjourn the vote

Dated: 21-09-2011

Transport Committee TRO votes shambles---- vital votes put off until November because Legal advice has councillors too worried to vote.





  • Residents were left stunned as vital transport Tram meeting ends in shambles


  • The meeting was over before it started—because Councillors are apparently now to be given legal training and instruction in order to understand the advice they are being given by lawyers!


  • Who is running the Edinburgh?  Lawyers or elected representatives


Residents left a vital Transport Committee meeting at Edinburgh City