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STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance) report 2003

The foundation appraisal report in Nov 2003 that formes the basis of assessment for the Edinburgh Tram Network (ETN) line one-- NB pages 113-114

Press Release 1

Press release concerning a council meeting on 27th July 2010 to receive a presentation illustrating unintended consequences for city traffic from the Edinburgh Tram Project.

Document outlining 6 key concerns

A short presentation document created to show 6 key reasons for concern

Tram Design Document 2005

Tram design document 2005--typical of many planning and blue sky documents from the project that read well but how meaningful are they?

  • 3.34. Strategic principles. Note number 6- wire free system. (p14)
  • 4.29. Respect for conservation areas. (p27)
  • 4.35/36. Wire-free system preferable within World Heritage Site and other sensitive locations (p23).
  • 5.6. Location of tram stops. (p31)

The changed advice FROM Defra after errors flagged by residents

Edinburgh Council had measured wrongly omitting the presence of parked cars-this DEFRAQ advice to experts followed the mistake being pointed out by Dr Ashley Lloyd one of the residents

The motion AFTER changes and redaction by the council

The same motion as below but AFTER changes, and redactions, made at the last minute had completely changed it's meaning and intention

Original Motion to TI&E meeting aug 2010

A motion that residents requested their councillors to put to the meeting of TI&E in August 2010