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144 Change we can, change we must

Review of the connections between Council cover-ups? or unanswered questions across a decade.

Edinburgh Tram Council Officers Report into options 23-06-2011

The report first produced by Council Officers and departments to provide advice to Councillors following the  acknowledgement of the final collapse of the original project to build the whole of Phase one.

This was supposed to be the impartial assesment of options by officers, with three possibilities considered: Full abandonment, Pushing on to St Andrews square, Pausing at haymarket.

Resident's response to City Centre Vision plan from the Council

    Residents in one of the first neighbourhoods to really feel the effects of the Tram project on traffic levels have sent around a document in their own neighbourhood which may be of help to other areas starting to realise the  increased traffic they are seeing is perhaps not going to be either as temporary or as small as previous assurances from the Council may have led them to believe. 
Any other Community Councils and residents groups can just access this document here  , while it is a 'neighbourhood document' and so addresses specific concerns as you will see some of these concerns are

City Centre Vision residents response

A document produced by residents to detail some responses to the City of Edinburgh Council's City centre Vision plan.

An Awesome Foursome of Tram success??

It's often the case that in Regional media stories about the tram the interesting parts are not in the headline, or intro praragraphs, but are buried a little more deeply within the story.

In this latest one the 'awesome foursome' of tram project achievements 'returning to glory' the city aren't that interesting, given that any project, however badly managed will eventually reach some kind of completion (especially if £231Million gets chucked at it).

Two contributions shed a bit more light on things than the rewritten Press release sections of the story.

One from Joanna Mowat, a long

CEC Annual Transport report 2011-2012 released Jan 2013

The annual Transport Review of Edinburgh Council this one released January 15th and presented to Councillors of the Transport and Environment Committee.

Note the preamble and summary points by officers then compare with the table on page 11 of 25. middle indicator of the three, showing traffic levels down 5%

On page 12 of 25 the table shows a massive increase (the last, 11th or 11 indicators) in NO2  from 24 past the 'baseline' 27 up to 31.

The table on page 8 of 25 also shows a worrying rise in fatalities and also people seriously injured up by double digit percentages over the target, but

Edinburgh twinning with Detroit??

The cascade of bad decisions now being revealed piecemeal have been inevitable for years, and clear to anyone who has looked at the plans of the tram project and various associated piecemeal traffic management proposals that have flown from it.

A whole host of 'solutions', such as the loop(y) idea mentioned in the article above, are now arriving to address the problems created by the original ill thought through, and unnecessary, tram scheme layered onto the even older 'Gehl Vision' plans.

The worst effects of the collapse of traffic planning won't be felt in the central areas from which traffic

Edinburgh to DEFRA ..SOS... is anywhere else seeing pollution 14% up on traffic 5% down??

"the Council has been given advice by the Head of Legal, Risk and 
Compliance that it would no longer be prudent to hear deputations on 
Traffic Regulation Orders and to do otherwise could expose the Council to 
legal challenge."

One almost needs to read this twice to take in that this is how democracy is being practisced in 21st century  Edinburgh, a city that without a trace of irony can still describe itself itself as one of the guiding lights of the enlightenment at the dawn of the modern world.

Nobody is making threats, physical attacks or wild accusations.

But  apparently allowing

Edinburgh to open letter

Here is an open letter from residents to DEFRA written by Dr Ashley Lloyd, also sent to councillors....