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Predictions from 2009 coming true in 2013

Some slides without comment from 2009 that are proving eeirly prescient about the Council's (slowly being revealed) ideas on traffic flow in central Edinburgh.

This document helped arguing against the Council's ill fated and discraded CETM scheme--- 4 years later we see the Council having learnt nothing apparently have quietly worked away to impose the same ideas by other means.

The missing elephant in the room then, and now, is if the traffic links are snipped, blocked and broken where will the vehicles actually go to get around the city---and the answer is becoming clear...everywhere else,

Francis report into Mid Staffs---are you listening Edinburgh Council

The Francis report, published today, into the scandal of the Mid Staffs Hospital Trust isn't just about one Hospital, or trust or even the NHS but hopefully a wake-up call to the Public Sector as whole, Councils and indeed Big Business, the PLCs and multinationals that spend a large part of their ingenuity finding new and better ways to rip of thepeople they still call customers..

However on this website we are concerned with the potential health disaster(and quality of life effects) that will arise from the Council's policy of neglkect towards traffic management within the city and while the

Make sure you take proper care at all times?

This piece is by an enthusiastic cyclist commenting on the 'news' being carefully revealed by the Council, over the last couple of weeks, that (gasp!!)  Princes street will not be able to take buses and trams and will be used only by trams, cyclists and pedestrians.

At present the word is 'may' not 'will' but pretty soon it wil be...will..that is.

The predictions made on this site and by the group of residents behind it are all coming true.

We said pollution would rise, not despite of the Tram, but because of it...and it is.

We said , when the possibility that £545M would not be enough was

Roads To Nowhere release 137

Why are pollution levels up when traffic levels are down? (Cllr Joanna Mowat)

The Picture is different for different pollutants...(Council officer replying)

The pollutant in the Council report which was (14%) UP, even though traffic is DOWN (5%) is one of a number...the others are worse.  

The answer indicates the seriousness of the situation in which our  box ticking self absorbed bureacracy concentrate on their own 'outcomes' and 'targets' but ignore the realities these are meant to reflect in the real world outside their offices.

Like Mid Staffs NHS trust, and other bureaucratic

Roads to Nowhere report to the Council


This document will be presented to the Council meeting chaired by Convenor of the Transport and Environment committee Cllr Lesley Hinds later today (Monday feb 4th).
Before reading it however, read this exchange in another T&E Committee meeting on January 15th.
Cllr Joanna Mowat, member of the Transport and Environment Committee, considering a council report: "Why is traffic in the city going down, but air pollution going up?" To see the Council Document from Officers to the Committee in which this state of affairs was revealed--but not flagged up-- click here
Council Officer

Roads to Nowhere details and data for CEC meeting 04-02-2013

A document detailing the fears of residents being provided with no explanations for massive traffic displacement by stealth into residential areas from old main through routes in Edinburgh.  This was presented to a meeting convened by Transport and Environment committee Convenor Cllr Lesley Hinds on Feb 4th, 2013

Edinburgh Council Transport Report 2011-12 presented T&E Jan 2013

The Transport Annual Report highlights and lowlights.

The highlights were highlighted to councillors but the figures tell another story that was not given prominence by the Council Officers responsible for preparing the report


Mapping the Reality in Edinburgh

A release containing Maps of Edinburgh past, present and future... highlighting what may the be the facts the Council are frightened to release.

To either be in a situation where the post tram traffic flows are unknown, or to pretend they are unknown, are equally disgraceful.  We have to guess and estimate from previous reports and physical facts conatianed within the tram plans because our council will not tell us.

The tram project cannot be a success until the feared disadvantages are acknowledged alongside the hoped for advantages until then it remains a fraud perpetrated on the city by