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Transport and Environment meeting annual report January 15th 2013

An annual report for the meeting of councillors on Transport and Environment Committee January 15th 2013

Some facts from a different perspective

This is an article from an outside site 'FromZtoA' so all the views and points raised are 'not necessarily those of this website'',  but  a different tone and voice is always welcome and the detail in the article, as well as it's apparent political perspective, is very interesting.

Just to add one festive fact of our own, if one converts the tram project into the length of it's track (13.1Kms or just over 8 miles) and divides by the present total cost (including the mortgage taken out by the City over the next 30 years) then each inch of track is presently coming



  • These picturesillustrate the convenient untruths the council continue to prefer to use, in order to obscure the inconvenient truths they are still not prepared to acknowledge.
Buses back up along Princes Street even though trams are still years away. 
Officials inside our Council still claim that Princes Street remains a 'main cross city route'--but, as these pictures show, even without  private cars, vans or lorries being allowed on the road - it just cannot cope. 
The Council have been asked to release their 'post-tram' traffic plan over and over again---- but as yet

Madrid Fiddle Air Quality newspaper report

A newspaper report describing Madrid's underhand approach to 'tackling' the problem of traffic created  pollution, different from Edinburgh's....but not that different

Something that connects Edinburgh to Madrid

This release from the residents group has gone to the media who follow this story,and to the councillors of the city.

A short while back Madrid, and it's Mayor, got a real hammering in the media, across Europe and the world when reports such as this one  highlighted that they were 'tackling' the problem of traffic created air pollution ......... by secretly taking 12 of the 27 receptors away from Roads and putting them in the City's parks and suburban gardens the problem instantly got miles better.

In Edinburgh we do things differently...but not all that differently.

As the release , and

Something that connects Edinburgh to Madrid

Madrid took the receptors away from the pollution...Edinburgh does it the other way around

Taking their ' i ' off the ball?

There is no ' i ' in Team...and perhaps there won't be a  'T' or 'E' either, soon.

We think these are 'Known Unknowns' about what is going on

It was Donald Rumsfeld who first popularised the idea of 'Known Unknowns' --here are some we know but many don't, about the tram project.