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They said-we say

Some of the crticisms we have heard from CEC and our resplies to these.

They said this about us-We say in reply

Some criticisms we have received...and what we say in reply.

The Known 'Unknowns' of the Tram project

A dozen slides showing why residents feel the unacknowledged issue of where traffic will go to make way for the tram, is so important.  Not just for the couple of streets in their own area, but across the city.

The continued attempt by the council to ignore these problems must not be allowed to continue because the effects become harder to deal with the longer the time that is allowed to pass.

Transport Forum application form -pdf

The form for members of the public to apply to take part in the transport forum

The UN remind CEC that the Workshops process is important

Lelsey Hinds the Tram Trasina has said on a number of occasions recently that faceless officials should not be allowed to create policy especially because councillors, the elected representatives, abrogate their responsibilities in this area..

This release shows an example of how officers in effect created a policy of non-cooperation where the intention of councillors had been one of cooperation and consultation. 

UN remind CEC that Workshops matter

Press Release highlighting inconsistencies between the what CEC say about engagement...and what they do.

Confusion on Hope Street

This release highlights a situation that shows why residents have become so cynical about Council pronouncements on the tram project, it's effects, and their committment to addressing these.

Press Release on confusion surrounding Hope Street in Council plans

A Press release highlighting the confusion around Hope Street that the Council appear to be offering as a potential solution to traffic congestion--at the same time as bringing in a traffic ban on it.

Release 130 Hope Street... To be or not to be

Press release about totally incompatable offers being made by Edinburgh Council over the plans for the same road.