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From mad to worse

Edinburgh council 's attempt to win their own city festival's comedy award is picking up pace.

BBC podcast on traffic pollution

Traffic pollution kills and makes people ill, in this File on Four programme,  they state it is 2nd only to smoking in terms of health impacts.

This podcast asks " So why are most UK areas in breach of legal limits? And do ministers have any clear plan to reduce the huge annual total of resulting deaths? 

Legal oversight is a time bomb in Charlotte Square development

Do details matter?

In the rush to consider the Charlotte Square development the Council have omitted to produce a proper traffic and environmental study for the scheme which means the paperwork the Councillors of the Transport, INfrastructure and Environmental Committee will have before them isn't fit for purpose.

A comparison between our project and Reims

Around the same time as we began our own ill fated light rail project in Edinburgh one was also beginning in the northern french city of  Reims.

Reims and Edinburgh Tram Projects head to head

Comparing two very similar tram projects that began in 2008.. our own Edinburgh one and one in Reims in Northern France.

The things they say....

A record of just one story published in the Scotsman in 2006

The things they said in 2006

It is interesting to see how ready politicans always are to speak about things well into the future, but less keen to look back at what they said in the past.

2010 is no longer 'well into the future' now of course, and in 2006 crictics of the tram project were told, as ever, that 'looking back is pointless' and 'it's time to move on'.  

Predictions from CEC in 2001, 2006 and 2012

Edinburgh Council are always saying the Tram is 'now' on time and within budget---the new budget.

As Dirty Harry didn't say--but quite possibly might have,  had he lived in Edinburgh and worked for the Council's PR department  -- " Do you feel lucky punks?"

CEC's Predictions History in 2001, 2006 and 2012

A short history of the financial predictions made by CEC on the Edinburgh Tram Project.