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Fail to plan really is plan to fail

What is happening to Edinburgh is very sad.  

What was one of the most liveable of cities is slowly being sacrificed on the altar of an unworkable idea.

 The problem is not the 'temporary' period of the works but the permanent aftermath following construction ---look at the plans (mentioned by others in comments to the article above) and  the problems are obvious.  

 Read STAG 2003 planning and feasibility report to see 60% of our Citiy's residential streets can expect an increase in traffic DUE to the tram being introduced.

With all the noise, pollution, bad health effects and other small

Doubts cast over tram money running out...again!!

This article in a specalist Engineering magazine casts doubts over the cash situation of the Tram Project.

This is a familiar story for those who remember repeated warnings from the likes of John Carson some years back in which he warned the project was dangerously off track; only to be accused of being alarmist by the Project PR machine, and prominent council supporters, who repeatedly said the project was on time and on budget..

Since then everything he said about a Billion pound project has been vindicated and everything they said shown to be spin at best and lies at worst.,

In this

Article casts doubt on tram finances....again!!!

An article about the tram that says the safety margin for any problems means even more money may be needed

The council's plan drawing showing road space and traffic post tram construction

There is a lot of talk, anger, dismay, dissension and despair about the present chaos arising from the diversions from York Place, while construction is going on.

The Council are carefully not spelling out that enormous changes to the capacity of York Place to carry traffic are permanenet results of the present 'construction' phase.  This is a repeat of their tactics used elsewhere to sideline any opposition.

It means that however bad the present situation may become they can continue to refer to it as a passing phases, and allow the idea that 'all will get back to normal once they finish

Traffic plan post tram start York Place

The council's plan drawing for the traffic flows post tram construction on York Place.

An absent minded zombie destroying the city

I think I agree with some people on the Scotsman website who blogged that this was a bit of a weak story... in truth it is a case study that should sit inside in a larger story.

But in another way that is what it IS doing and the larger story is the well established saga of the Tram project, at the end of teh day the only thing that matters is the real effects on real people in the real world---something the tram project lost sight of years ago.

It exists in a different kind of world from teh real one and now seems to stumble forward like some sort of absent minded Zombie, plodding on

It's like the M6 Motorway!!!!!!

The schools aren't back but already residents on the Albany Terrace, Abercromby Place route are complaining that it's like 'the M6 motorway'.

That's because it is the M6 motorway.... well the major A1 national arterial route continuation across the city.  The traffic won't stay where it is either, drivers will, as Lesley Hinds said, and as the Council's policy has dictated for years, 'find their own way' and that will include roads and quiet streets miles away from York Place,as well as  the likes of Great King Street St, Stockbridge and numerous rat runs nearby.

The price the city is paying

The air that we breathe...

This 2011 data table shows the latest available position in respect of air quality figures in Great Stuart Street and St Colme Street..

Air quality levels are important not only because air pollution  causes illnesses and death, but they are also important because they act as a concrete and measurable indicator of the other effects of rising traffic levels in terms  noise, danger and sheer degredation to the living environment.  

We believe that many years ago the council  realised what the effects of the demands of the tram on road space would be.  

But for a variety of reasons they felt

Air pollution levels for Great Stuart Street and St Colme Street

Table of corrected figures by the Scientific Services department of Edinburgh City Council showing air quality readings in various locations in Great Stuart Street, St Colme Street and India Street (the baseline street used) for 2011.