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Q: The tram is going to be built and if there are the problems you say, than after it is built we can see them and address them then?

Right now most of us believe this will be the justification most likely to be relied upon by the council in the event that they are forced to face up to the implications of what is happening.  " Get it done and then see what the problems are.'

If this were only a matter of wasting more and more money than maybe we could let problems be created and then get around solving them in time.

But for those people exposed to the pollutants for the ten or twenty years or even more it will take for the necessary process to get under way, they won't be able to get back their health, or lives in the worst case scenarios. 

There are some things more important than money and certainly more important than pushing on with a face saving excercise with a project that is failed now, will remain failed whatever happens during the next few years and will continue to fail and consume scarece cash resources throughout it's entire operational life.