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Q: What do you want to see then, an end to the tram and everything is okay?

Take a look at the  'How we might put it right' page for more on this. 

The tram project does not need to end, but we believe it certainly needs to be reconfigured. 

This doesn't have to be abandonment--but it cannot be 'press on regardless.'

But whether the project is abandoned, which we do not wish to see, or redesigned especially on the roadway sections, which we do wish to see; the main thing that needs to happen is the Council first leave behind  the old mindset and start putting the city as a whole first and the tram second, not the other way around.

But the thing we want to see most is, like more and more people, a judicial inquiry.  We believe this is the only way to get all the facts into the public arena, and until that is done, there is no chance of creating the new start  that the city is crying out for.

Completing the project as presently designed is never going to do that - a new start for the city requires new thinking; if we see that new thinking then anything is possible and we can begin the process of really rebuilding the City's international reputation which has taken enormously significant knocks in the last decade or so.

But without a really heartfelt change of direction on behalf of those presently committed to simply getting 'it finished' then real change will remain impossible.

This is not just going to come right on it's own.