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absurd, cynical and corrosive

Resource Description: 

Article that seeks to show how the council continues to ignore inconvenient truths, however obvious they may be, however odd the denial of the facts may look to ordinary people. It argues this happens because simply admitting the obvious truths risks having the whole 'stealth' policy of transferring pollution from old main roads (lightly residential for obvious reasons) into very densely inhabited residential areas.

We believe the policy of emptying the old main roads underpins the whole thrust of city centre traffic planning but that the unacknowledged cost, the inconvenient truth, is that making the small central area 'pleasanter' is being done at the unacknowledged cost of huge areas of the city becomeing less pleasant to live in.

That the things that make the residential areas less pleasant; the traffic, also creates pollution with known, real and extensive health risks also means this refusal to face these facts creates not just moreal and ethical hazard for the city, but also the potential for large and significant financial costs following litigation based on the failures of governance