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CEC Annual Transport report 2011-2012 released Jan 2013

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The annual Transport Review of Edinburgh Council this one released January 15th and presented to Councillors of the Transport and Environment Committee.

Note the preamble and summary points by officers then compare with the table on page 11 of 25. middle indicator of the three, showing traffic levels down 5%

On page 12 of 25 the table shows a massive increase (the last, 11th or 11 indicators) in NO2  from 24 past the 'baseline' 27 up to 31.

The table on page 8 of 25 also shows a worrying rise in fatalities and also people seriously injured up by double digit percentages over the target, but these were wrapped in with slightly injured figures in orer, in the summary above, that this figure could be said to have fallen, without caveat,.