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A chance to be heard... or a chance to listen?

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January 14th and 15th set aside for a Public Hearing of the mix and muddle going on around the TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) and similar legal instruments connected to the development of Charlotte Square, it has only come about because in their haste to rush through the proposals, the council fogot to do the 'i's and cross the 't's of their own process.

Beneath the calm surface of this notification are some murky waters in which promises were made and broken, indeed some broken before ven being made.

This hearing will consider these 4 specific issues.

1 To consider the existing traffic patterns and volumes in and around Charlotte
2 To consider the impact of the proposals upon the existing vehicular, cycle and
pedestrian traffic on Charlotte Square and its immediate environs;
3 To consider how displaced vehicular traffic might disperse through adjoining
streets, and how widely dispersal might be expected; and
4 To compare the benefits said to accrue from the scheme, if it were implemented,
against the perceived disadvantages elsewhere in the immediate locale or more
Although not ABOUT the tram, it will shine a light on that project, and on the way these kind of things get settled in Edinburgh, only if enough people turn up to ensure the ordinary resident gets the chance to outnumber the bland bureaucrats and politicians.
And in case you think this is a bout a few yards of road and an improvement scheme in Charlotte Square (in many wasy long overdue) think again---this is about traffic james in Leith, Rat running around Sciennes, Bruntsfield and Newington and anyone having that increasingly common feeling that 'traffic is getting a lot worse round here, isn't it?' Wherever in Edinburgh they may live.