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Roads To Nowhere release 137

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Why are pollution levels up when traffic levels are down? (Cllr Joanna Mowat)

The Picture is different for different pollutants...(Council officer replying)

The pollutant in the Council report which was (14%) UP, even though traffic is DOWN (5%) is one of a number...the others are worse.  

The answer indicates the seriousness of the situation in which our  box ticking self absorbed bureacracy concentrate on their own 'outcomes' and 'targets' but ignore the realities these are meant to reflect in the real world outside their offices.

Like Mid Staffs NHS trust, and other bureaucratic scandals, some still ongoing,in Edinburgh Council what appears to matter most is  the boxes marked 'consultation' and 'engagement with the public' are neatly ticked,rather than the real issues are addressed and overcome.