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Resource Description: 

A detailed report sent as a story by John Carson with pictures by Ashley Lloyd done after publicity from the Council asserted all was well and proceeding apace with the tram project.

By connecting to the PDF you can see pictures showing a total lack of activity at many key areas along the route on a Tuesday afternoon recently, with good weather.

Alongside these images is John Carson's argued reasoning as to why major problems remain and the timeline is indeed slipping.

John Carson for many years maintained that the project as it stood could not be delivered under £1 Billion, a view widely derided by Council spokespeople.  As we now know a much reduced project is going to cost wellover £1 Billion with financing costs added in, after the need to borrow the extra £231 Million added to the costs last autumn; John Carson's contention is that even this ballooning figure will not be enough if the rhetoric on progress is just more hot air.