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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort ascending Download Release date What is it?
STAG 2003 pollution comparison table (Read more) Download file 28 Nov 2003

The table in the 2003 STAG foundation report on Tram feasibility (skip the rest of the text if you like, and click link below this text) showing the comparisons in the pollution expected, comparing the single variable 'With Tram' to 'No tram'.

  • (Note the...
STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance) report 2003 (Read more) Download file 28 Nov 2003

The foundation appraisal report in Nov 2003 that formes the basis of assessment for the Edinburgh Tram Network (ETN) line one-- NB pages 113-114

Something that connects Edinburgh to Madrid (Read more) Download file 29 Nov 2012

Madrid took the receptors away from the pollution...Edinburgh does it the other way around

Slide showing the canyon effect and highlighting basement well areas (Read more) Download file 03 Apr 2012

This slide shows the differences between Princes Street and Great Stuart Street.  One a wide thoroughfare open along one side along Princes Street Gardens, that allows pollution to escape down the slope and disipate and where people typical visit less that 1X3, 3 hours a week or 150 a year...and...

Roads To Nowhere release 137 (Read more) Download file 04 Feb 2013

Why are pollution levels up when traffic levels are down? (Cllr Joanna Mowat)

The Picture is different for different pollutants...(Council officer replying)

The pollutant in the Council report which was (14%) UP, even though traffic is DOWN (5%) is one of a number...

Roads to Nowhere details and data for CEC meeting 04-02-2013 (Read more) Download file 03 Feb 2013

A document detailing the fears of residents being provided with no explanations for massive traffic displacement by stealth into residential areas from old main through routes in Edinburgh.  This was presented to a meeting convened by Transport and Environment committee Convenor Cllr Lesley...

Rewriting history before the history has even been written? (Read more) Download file 09 Apr 2012

One of the residents group's letter to the Scotsman after an aricle published on 2nd April 2012 by Donald Anderson, ex-council leader at the time of the development of the concept of the Edinburgh Tram Network.

release 97 - When is a commitment to openness NOT a commitment to openness?- march 26-03-2012 (Read more) Download file 26 Mar 2012

When is a commitment to openness not a commitment to openness?    When it needs to be worked out later? 

release 96- Lies, Damn Lies and NO statistics-09-03-2012 (Read more) Download file 09 Mar 2012
  • A development funded in the main by a Russian businessman holds out the opportunity of converting the Square from a streetscape that is frankly a bit of a mess, into a location that will justify it’s worldwide reputation--- home to a world class hotel and office development and with the...
release 95- Southern Arc ; of confusion - (Read more) Download file 02 Mar 2012
  • A recent report from the Council triggered by health statistic anomalies has raised concerns about traffic created pollution and its effects - This new found concern has been expressed in recent media articles as being of sufficient scale to demand consideration of extensive traffic...