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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort ascending Download Release date What is it?
Minutes of CEC meeting at which Haymarket option was adopted 25-08-2011 (Read more) Download file 25 Aug 2011

Councillors vote down the ruling coalition and go for the option to pause at Haymarket after expressing doubts over council officers figures for each option, worries that the York Place price even at £770M is an uncapped minimum, and realising the Haymarket option eliminates all pulltion added...

Mapping the Reality in Edinburgh (Read more) Download file 13 Jan 2013

A release containing Maps of Edinburgh past, present and future... highlighting what may the be the facts the Council are frightened to release.

To either be in a situation where the post tram traffic flows are unknown, or to pretend they are unknown, are equally disgraceful.  We have to...

Making Traffic congestion a priority (Read more) Download file 12 Mar 2014

Making Traffic congestion a priority?

And exactly what do you mean by that.

Article with two pics about the spreading traffic congestion far and wide in Edinburgh, caused by the tram project and other related schemes, where the common thread is a stealth policy of trading cash...

Madrid Fiddle Air Quality newspaper report (Read more) Download file 29 Nov 2012

A newspaper report describing Madrid's underhand approach to 'tackling' the problem of traffic created  pollution, different from Edinburgh's....but not that different

Leith (Read more) Download file 07 Jun 2015
Legal detail is a time bomb in Charlotte Sq development (Read more) Download file 06 Aug 2012
KIngs College London report showing not only exhaust gases produce particulate matter (Read more) Download file 30 Mar 2012

Studies show that other particles arise from traffic and create particulate matter pollution. These are from brakes, clutchplate surfaces, tbrasion, and moving parts in the engine---all made worse by stop-start- comngested traffic

Key Decisons Forward Plan document Transport and Environment Committee January 15th 2013 (Read more) Download file 11 Jan 2013
Joined up thinking needed in Edinburgh planning (Read more) Download file 24 Mar 2014

The planning department inside Edinburgh Council may not be able to even conceive of a solution to the problems being produced by present policies, unacknowledged but underway, that displace more and more traffic from 'safe' main roads, to less safe domestic roads.

This must not  be a...

John Carson- Jumbo Error for the Trams (Read more) Download file 03 Nov 2013

A letter published by the Scotsman, written by John Carson, pointing out that an inbuilt design characteristic of the tram could scupper hopes for trouble-free, city centre testing of the tram due to start next month