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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Name Download Release datesort ascending What is it?
Press Release-6-Post SEPA seminar 09-09-2010 (Read more) Download file 09 Sep 2010

Press release after residents attended to observe a day long seminar by and for Air Quality Experts at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh at which the size of the issue, and disenchantment of experts, became clear.

Press Release 3- The Council's Buried Figures (Read more) Download file 24 Aug 2010

Press release sent about buried pollution figures in official report 24-08-2010

Original Motion to TI&E meeting aug 2010 (Read more) Download file 11 Aug 2010

A motion that residents requested their councillors to put to the meeting of TI&E in August 2010

The motion AFTER changes and redaction by the council (Read more) Download file 11 Aug 2010

The same motion as below but AFTER changes, and redactions, made at the last minute had completely changed it's meaning and intention

Council report and minutes on residents redacted motion (Read more) Download file 27 Jul 2010

The council report and minutes of the consideration of the issues in the resident's redacted motion

Press Release 1 (Read more) Download file 27 Jul 2010

Press release concerning a council meeting on 27th July 2010 to receive a presentation illustrating unintended consequences for city traffic from the Edinburgh Tram Project.

release 27-TRO not fit for Tram purpose-councillor (Read more) Download file 06 Jun 2010

SNP Councillor says that TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders), as not meant to be used to divert main arterial roads through residential streets--press release 06-12-2010

Table showing benefit to cost ratio expected for line 1 phase 1a in 2007 (Read more) Download file 31 Dec 2006

IN 2007 the line 1a (Gogar to Newhaven) was showing a very small BCR (Benefit to Cost ratio), of 1:10. This was with line costing £340M and carrying 10.6 million passengers.

In 2011 the line 1a, reduced in length from Gogar to York Place (Queen Street) with the cost...

Tram Design Document 2005 (Read more) Download file 14 Mar 2005

Tram design document 2005--typical of many planning and blue sky documents from the project that read well but how meaningful are they?

  • 3.34. Strategic principles. Note number 6- wire free system. (p14)
  • 4.29. Respect for conservation areas. (p27)...
STAG 2003 pollution comparison table (Read more) Download file 28 Nov 2003

The table in the 2003 STAG foundation report on Tram feasibility (skip the rest of the text if you like, and click link below this text) showing the comparisons in the pollution expected, comparing the single variable 'With Tram' to 'No tram'.

  • (Note the...