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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort ascending Download Release date What is it?
TWO air pollutant graphs from Scottish environmental stats 2014 (Read more) Download file 22 Mar 2015

Graphs for PM10s and NO2 levels 1993 to 2103 in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

Edinburgh's figures have a disconnect in 2003 and emerge (after the device was moved that year) far lower, and as a result inconsistent in the information they provide.

Transport Forum application form -pdf (Read more) Download file 13 Nov 2012

The form for members of the public to apply to take part in the transport forum

Transport Forum application form - word-open office-docx version (Read more) Download file 13 Nov 2012

The form for members of the Public to apply to participate in the Transport Forum.

Transport and Environment meeting annual report January 15th 2013 (Read more) Download file 11 Jan 2013

An annual report for the meeting of councillors on Transport and Environment Committee January 15th 2013

Transport and Environment Committee Jan 2013 Agenda (Read more) Download file 11 Jan 2013

Agenda for Meeting January 15th 2013

Tram traffic modelling in respect of Charlotte Square (Read more) Download file 21 May 2012

A consultants report on the changes in traffic people can expect after radical changes to the traffic around Charlotte Square, where a consortium of developers led by a Russian investor are seeking the go ahead for their plans.

Done by the Developers not done by City of Edinburgh Council...

Tram Design Document 2005 (Read more) Download file 14 Mar 2005

Tram design document 2005--typical of many planning and blue sky documents from the project that read well but how meaningful are they?

  • 3.34. Strategic principles. Note number 6- wire free system. (p14)
  • 4.29. Respect for conservation areas. (p27)...
Traffic plan post tram start York Place (Read more) Download file 25 Jul 2012

The council's plan drawing for the traffic flows post tram construction on York Place.

They said-we say (Read more) Download file 18 Nov 2012

Some of the crticisms we have heard from CEC and our resplies to these.

They said this about us-We say in reply (Read more) Download file 18 Nov 2012

Some criticisms we have received...and what we say in reply.