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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort ascending Download Release date What is it?
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but... (Read more) Download file 22 Mar 2013

A request to set the record straight...easier said than done.

The things they say.... (Read more) Download file 30 Jul 2012

A record of just one story published in the Scotsman in 2006

The people have spoken now the new administration must listen (Read more) Download file 04 May 2012

The Edinburgh elections show more than anything else that it was effectively a referendum on the tram project.      Whatever political spin the politicians try and make the fact it is, as the fate of the Lib dems shows, and of their doomed figureheads most closely associated with the tram, Jenny...

The motion AFTER changes and redaction by the council (Read more) Download file 11 Aug 2010

The same motion as below but AFTER changes, and redactions, made at the last minute had completely changed it's meaning and intention

The Known 'Unknowns' of the Tram project (Read more) Download file 18 Nov 2012

A dozen slides showing why residents feel the unacknowledged issue of where traffic will go to make way for the tram, is so important.  Not just for the couple of streets in their own area, but across the city.

The continued attempt by the council to ignore these problems must not be...

The Good News --- and the Bad News (Read more) Download file 05 Apr 2012

Although the council fought long and hard against accepting their air pollution levels were being under estimated in their calculations, they eventually have started doing them differently---but they are still not right.  Pollution is still not being correctly calculated and even the higher...

The changed advice FROM Defra after errors flagged by residents (Read more) Download file 01 Feb 2011

Edinburgh Council had measured wrongly omitting the presence of parked cars-this DEFRAQ advice to experts followed the mistake being pointed out by Dr Ashley Lloyd one of the residents

Text of Engineers open letter in May 2011 (Read more) Download file 10 Apr 2012

Originally dated May 2011 this is the original form of the letter reaising eight points of concern with the project at that time.

The Haymarket hub option, dismissed and disparaged at the time, has now been taken by the Council as a justification for the rump of a tram system with the...

Taking their ' i ' off the ball? (Read more) Download file 23 Nov 2012

There is no ' i ' in Team...and perhaps there won't be a  'T' or 'E' either, soon.

Table showing benefit to cost ratio expected for line 1 phase 1a in 2007 (Read more) Download file 31 Dec 2006

IN 2007 the line 1a (Gogar to Newhaven) was showing a very small BCR (Benefit to Cost ratio), of 1:10. This was with line costing £340M and carrying 10.6 million passengers.

In 2011 the line 1a, reduced in length from Gogar to York Place (Queen Street) with the cost...