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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Name Download Release datesort descending What is it?
Slide showing the canyon effect and highlighting basement well areas (Read more) Download file 03 Apr 2012

This slide shows the differences between Princes Street and Great Stuart Street.  One a wide thoroughfare open along one side along Princes Street Gardens, that allows pollution to escape down the slope and disipate and where people typical visit less that 1X3, 3 hours a week or 150 a year...and...

The Good News --- and the Bad News (Read more) Download file 05 Apr 2012

Although the council fought long and hard against accepting their air pollution levels were being under estimated in their calculations, they eventually have started doing them differently---but they are still not right.  Pollution is still not being correctly calculated and even the higher...

Rewriting history before the history has even been written? (Read more) Download file 09 Apr 2012

One of the residents group's letter to the Scotsman after an aricle published on 2nd April 2012 by Donald Anderson, ex-council leader at the time of the development of the concept of the Edinburgh Tram Network.

release 102 Haymarket hub, you read it here first --- a year ago (Read more) Download file 10 Apr 2012

Recent revealations both about the City of Edinburgh Council and the dumping of toxic soil from the btram project on unsuitable sites, and about their plans to transform the Haymarket station into an intermodal traffic 'hub' for Tram, Train, Car, Bus and Taxi were two of eight specific points in...

Text of Engineers open letter in May 2011 (Read more) Download file 10 Apr 2012

Originally dated May 2011 this is the original form of the letter reaising eight points of concern with the project at that time.

The Haymarket hub option, dismissed and disparaged at the time, has now been taken by the Council as a justification for the rump of a tram system with the...

Anderson v Alstead: Trams right---or wrong (Read more) Download file 11 Apr 2012

An exchange of views which has the merit of being an open debate, between ex Council Leader Donald Anderson and prominent campaigner against Council secrecy and obfuscation over the Edinburgh Tram Project, Allan Alstead.

w104---The money is already running out..... again (Read more) Download file 12 Apr 2012

For years prominent critics of the tram project have warned that the costs could one day reach £1 Billion for what is a fragment of the original project left on the table.


A story today shows these warnings are not  the scaremongering that they were dismissed as being by the...

105w- To Infinity -- and beyond (Read more) Download file 13 Apr 2012

A graph showing the reality of costs in the project--and why it is impossible for it to come in under £776M, unless the financing costs are left out and doing thst would be fiddling the figures...and CEC would never do that.  At present the tram project is costing over £3,000 an inch...

Won't Get Fooled Again? (Read more) Download file 13 Apr 2012



Telling it as it is……. Not only the reporter who wrote the story but the people commenting on the story in the Daily Record today (April 13th 2012), click the PDF to see comments and link or go straight to the page...

Council's framework report on the Southern Arc (Read more) Download file 17 Apr 2012

The glossy presentation of proposals for the 'Southern Arc' predicated upon the issues of traffic created pollution and the effects on helath---issues teh council have consistently under recorded in respect of their other plans for the 'Northern arc' , continue to under record...and in addition...