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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Name Download Release datesort ascending What is it?

The City of Edinburgh Council's TRO and RSO proposals in respect of Charlotte Square with map.

There is a precis of the likely potential effects on traffic flows through the Randolph CRescent/Great Stuart Street. St Colme Street corridor feeding to and from Great Stuart street by...

Tram traffic modelling in respect of Charlotte Square (Read more) Download file 21 May 2012

A consultants report on the changes in traffic people can expect after radical changes to the traffic around Charlotte Square, where a consortium of developers led by a Russian investor are seeking the go ahead for their plans.

Done by the Developers not done by City of Edinburgh Council...

The people have spoken now the new administration must listen (Read more) Download file 04 May 2012

The Edinburgh elections show more than anything else that it was effectively a referendum on the tram project.      Whatever political spin the politicians try and make the fact it is, as the fate of the Lib dems shows, and of their doomed figureheads most closely associated with the tram, Jenny...

Four simple questions to ask before voting (Read more) Download file 02 May 2012

Four questions for condidates to answer before they take our votes for granted.

DEAD TRAM SKETCH (Read more) Download file 02 May 2012

This 'ere tram is no more!  With apologies to Monty & Python and team.

emails from CEC released under FOI request (Read more) Download file 01 May 2012



A set of emails released following an FOI (Freedom of Infoemtion) request by a resident concerned at the diffficulty of having a straightforward debate over the traffic displacement caused by the Edinburgh Tram Project

DARKNESS VISIBLE-2 when openess isn't quite what it may seem (Read more) Download file 01 May 2012

Extract from FOI emails

DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC (Read more) Download file 30 Apr 2012

FOI email extracts that show what was going on within CEC as a vital vote drew near in June last year

Open letter to Sue Bruce from independent engineers (Read more) Download file 28 Apr 2012

PDF version of and open letter from a group of experienced Civil and Transport engineers sent to City of Edinburgh Council CEO, Sue bruce on 25th April 2012

108--Worse than road accidents, worse than passive smoking--put together (Read more) Download file 24 Apr 2012

    PDF form of release showing air pollution worse than passive smoking and deaths in road traffic accidents...added together.