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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort descending Download Release date What is it?
10-Release-Residents-walk-out-from-meeting (Read more) Download file 14 Sep 2010

A meeting billed as a chance for open debate and straight talking is turned into a farce by Council Officers refusing to talk about issues and attempting to speak only on topics they have decided upon.

105w- To Infinity -- and beyond (Read more) Download file 13 Apr 2012

A graph showing the reality of costs in the project--and why it is impossible for it to come in under £776M, unless the financing costs are left out and doing thst would be fiddling the figures...and CEC would never do that.  At present the tram project is costing over £3,000 an inch...

107w----Independents day (Read more) Download file 19 Apr 2012

The only way to get a grip is get a new energy into the City Chamber.

The best way to achieve that is to get as many independent candidates elected ---...

108--Worse than road accidents, worse than passive smoking--put together (Read more) Download file 24 Apr 2012

    PDF form of release showing air pollution worse than passive smoking and deaths in road traffic accidents...added together.

112-b--Reply by Edinburgh Council CEO Sue Bruce to open letter-4th May 2012 (Read more) Download file 15 Jun 2012

After receiving the open letter from the group of independent Edinburgh Civil engineers commenting on aspects of the tram project construction they found worrying, Sue Bruce the Chief Executive of the City of Edinburgh Council  sent this comprehensive reply dated 4th May 2012


117- IS THIS JUST FANTASY? (Read more) Download file 22 May 2012

In Edinburgh the reality is more and more upheaval and disruption for people with constant late night roadworks, the latest effect of the removal of the main cross city traffic artery from the system.

This is highlighted in the attached release---- along with the fantasy...

119-press release on WHO pollution news story (Read more) Download file 13 Jun 2012


The World Health Organisation have added more evidence to  (click for story)  the pile growing almost daily testifying just how dangerous the policy of denial, dissembling and disarray in...

120- release on Wake up Call for Broughton (Read more) Download file 14 Jun 2012

A release based on press reports that two lanes are to be taken out of use in York Place for the tram.


The council haven't said this is permanent.... yet.

144 Change we can, change we must (Read more) Download file 04 May 2013

Review of the connections between Council cover-ups? or unanswered questions across a decade.

148-Have a go to see how you do against the experts (Read more) Download file 25 Jan 2014

A release on a very simple set of road signs..but how difficult they proved for the council to explain.

The serious point is they said thse signs did not overly prevent traffic using Charlotte Square, we said it all but made it impossible to imagine any through traffic using it.