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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort descending Download Release date What is it?
34- DEFRA advice shows residents right- Council wrong (Read more) Download file 04 Jan 2011

After rubbishing the resident's group for pointing out errors in Council air quality measurements -- the Council have been told by DEFRA, the residents ARE right and Copuncil staff have been wrong. January 4th 2011

A chance to be heard... or a chance to listen? (Read more) Download file 18 Nov 2013

January 14th and 15th set aside for a Public Hearing of the mix and muddle going on around the TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) and similar legal instruments connected to the development of Charlotte Square, it has only come about because in their haste to rush through the proposals, the council...

A slide showing the canyon effect (Read more) Download file 03 Apr 2012

This slide shows the diffrences between Princes Street and Great Stuart Street.  One a wide thoroughfare open along one side along Princes Street Gardens, that allows pollution to escape down the slope and disipate and where people typical visit less that 1X3, 3 hours a week or 150 a year...and...

Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee Findings (Read more) Download file 25 Oct 2012

The source document on The Findings and Recommendations of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee in respect of the communication brought by two Edinburgh Residents

Aarhus provisional decision (Read more) Download file 13 Sep 2012

Release on the first stage of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee of UNECE (The United Nations) decision

absurd, cynical and corrosive (Read more) Download file 24 Feb 2014

Article that seeks to show how the council continues to ignore inconvenient truths, however obvious they may be, however odd the denial of the facts may look to ordinary people. It argues this happens because simply admitting the obvious truths risks having the whole 'stealth' policy of...

Academic view of the problems of proper democratic openess in planning process (Read more) Download file 05 Jun 2013 


A text document of a very interesting contribution to the debate on where exactly the problem lies....we couldn't agree more!!

The link connects to the...

AEA Edinburgh Air Quality Data (Read more) Download file 27 Dec 2011

This is a breakdown of air quality at Edinburgh's monitoring stations.

Air pollution levels for Great Stuart Street and St Colme Street (Read more) Download file 16 Jul 2012

Table of corrected figures by the Scientific Services department of Edinburgh City Council showing air quality readings in various locations in Great Stuart Street, St Colme Street and India Street (the baseline street used) for 2011.


AIr quality experts conference frustration at sidelining (Read more) Download file 22 Sep 2010

The Urban Air Quality conference in Edinburgh in September 2010 was marked by expressions of frustration by experts aware that they were not included inside the discussions when plans for new development are being formulated.  All too often they are brought in at the end after the plan is formed...