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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort descending Download Release date What is it?
City Centre Vision residents response (Read more) Download file 01 May 2013

A document produced by residents to detail some responses to the City of Edinburgh Council's City centre Vision plan.

Comparing Air Quality in Queen Street and Randolph Crescent (Read more) Download file 03 Apr 2012

The graph charts the match between the readings from the CEC measuring in Queen street and Residents own measuring in Randolph Place--except for one significant difference.

Council report and minutes on residents redacted motion (Read more) Download file 27 Jul 2010

The council report and minutes of the consideration of the issues in the resident's redacted motion

Council's framework report on the Southern Arc (Read more) Download file 17 Apr 2012

The glossy presentation of proposals for the 'Southern Arc' predicated upon the issues of traffic created pollution and the effects on helath---issues teh council have consistently under recorded in respect of their other plans for the 'Northern arc' , continue to under record...and in addition...

Councillor Tymkewicz tells committee of his fears (Read more) Download file 06 Dec 2010

SNP councillor Stefan Tymkewycz reveals his own doubts over health issues, and the lack of clarity, in a motion to the oversight committee of the tram project; the Transport, Infrastructure & Evnvironment committee (TI&E)

The SNP as members of the ruling city coalition had a...

Councils can't understand legal advice threatening personal liability so adjourn vote for training (Read more) Download file 21 Sep 2010

Councillors firghtened at possible personal legal action adjourn the vote for 2 months ---so they can receive legal training in order to be able to UNDERSTAND the complex advice from TIE and CEC Lawyers!

DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC (Read more) Download file 30 Apr 2012

FOI email extracts that show what was going on within CEC as a vital vote drew near in June last year

DARKNESS VISIBLE-2 when openess isn't quite what it may seem (Read more) Download file 01 May 2012

Extract from FOI emails

DEAD TRAM SKETCH (Read more) Download file 02 May 2012

This 'ere tram is no more!  With apologies to Monty & Python and team.

DISAPPEARING PRINCES STREET (Read more) Download file 03 Apr 2012

Two maps that highlight the 'now you see it--and now you don't' reality of Princes Street the City's main East-West arterial road from the 18th century until now.