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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort descending Download Release date What is it?
Document outlining 6 key concerns (Read more) Download file 06 Jun 2011

A short presentation document created to show 6 key reasons for concern

Edinburgh Council Transport Report 2011-12 presented T&E Jan 2013 (Read more) Download file 19 Jan 2013

The Transport Annual Report highlights and lowlights.

The highlights were highlighted to councillors but the figures tell another story that was not given prominence by the Council Officers responsible for preparing the report


Edinburgh to open letter (Read more) Download file 18 Mar 2013

Here is an open letter from residents to DEFRA written by Dr Ashley Lloyd, also sent to councillors....

Edinburgh Tram Council Officers Report into options 23-06-2011 (Read more) Download file 04 May 2013

The report first produced by Council Officers and departments to provide advice to Councillors following the  acknowledgement of the final collapse of the original project to build the whole of Phase one.

This was supposed to be the impartial assesment of options by officers, with three...

emails from CEC released under FOI request (Read more) Download file 01 May 2012



A set of emails released following an FOI (Freedom of Infoemtion) request by a resident concerned at the diffficulty of having a straightforward debate over the traffic displacement caused by the Edinburgh Tram Project

Errors and omissions in Sue Bruce's speech (Read more) Download file 30 Jun 2012

An article based upon examination of a speech made to an environmental conference in June 2012 by City of Edinburgh Council CEO Sue Bruce.

Extract from CEC minutes of 30th June 2011 (Read more) Download file 30 Jun 2011

Key extract from the meeting minutes of the 30th June at which City of Edinburgh Council decided to continue on to York Place and rejected the Haymarket option.

Final result from Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee (Read more) Download file 26 Oct 2012

Press release based on the final findings and recommendations of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee at UNECE in Geneva on the communication brought by two Edinbgurgh residents

Fool all of the people All of the time.... (Read more) Download file 15 Nov 2014

Parallels between the disatrous history of TIE Ltd and what is happening inside Lothian Buses and Transport for Edinburgh

Four simple questions to ask before voting (Read more) Download file 02 May 2012

Four questions for condidates to answer before they take our votes for granted.