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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Namesort descending Download Release date What is it?
Press Release-6-Post SEPA seminar 09-09-2010 (Read more) Download file 09 Sep 2010

Press release after residents attended to observe a day long seminar by and for Air Quality Experts at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh at which the size of the issue, and disenchantment of experts, became clear.

Reims and Edinburgh Tram Projects head to head (Read more) Download file 05 Aug 2012

Comparing two very similar tram projects that began in 2008.. our own Edinburgh one and one in Reims in Northern France.

release 102 Haymarket hub, you read it here first --- a year ago (Read more) Download file 10 Apr 2012

Recent revealations both about the City of Edinburgh Council and the dumping of toxic soil from the btram project on unsuitable sites, and about their plans to transform the Haymarket station into an intermodal traffic 'hub' for Tram, Train, Car, Bus and Taxi were two of eight specific points in...

Release 130 Hope Street... To be or not to be (Read more) Download file 01 Nov 2012

Press release about totally incompatable offers being made by Edinburgh Council over the plans for the same road.

release 27-TRO not fit for Tram purpose-councillor (Read more) Download file 06 Jun 2010

SNP Councillor says that TROs (Traffic Regulation Orders), as not meant to be used to divert main arterial roads through residential streets--press release 06-12-2010

release 40-- Ten streets named by CEC that their own figures show will have traffic increases (Read more) Download file 04 Mar 2011

By using CEC and TIE's own data and interpreting it, in ways the Council have not themselves published, it is possible to identify streets where more traffic will follow as the Tram project is pushed through and for years to come.

Release 45 - FIDDLING THE FIGURES? (Read more) Download file 31 Mar 2011

A very simple, straightforward photograph illuminates the crazy state of denial inhabited by the council in so many areas of pollution and traffic increases in residential areas-- especially where the blame leads back to the door of theirb favoured tram project.

release 49- Top Lib-Dem - Stop the Tram now (Read more) Download file 26 Apr 2011

A Lib Dem's Alex Cole-Hamilton shows the extent of disagreement within the party over vthe continuing policiy to push through the tram at any cost by the councillors within the ruling coalition on the City of Edinburgh Council.

release 55- 8 Questions from INDEPENDENT experts (Read more) Download file 15 May 2011

Eight questions from independent engineers with lifetime careers in Civil and transport engineering that went unanswered and unacknowledged....but where the effects described are now emerging

Release 56- WERE COUNCILLORS TOLD LAST WEEK (Read more) Download file 19 May 2011
  • Did Edinburgh Council and Tie tell the councillors what was going on before announcing to the world that the project was £hundreds of millions over budget  and Princes Street would be dug up yet again?