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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Name Download Release datesort descending What is it?
Press Release-6-Post SEPA seminar 09-09-2010 (Read more) Download file 09 Sep 2010

Press release after residents attended to observe a day long seminar by and for Air Quality Experts at Victoria Quay in Edinburgh at which the size of the issue, and disenchantment of experts, became clear.

10-Release-Residents-walk-out-from-meeting (Read more) Download file 14 Sep 2010

A meeting billed as a chance for open debate and straight talking is turned into a farce by Council Officers refusing to talk about issues and attempting to speak only on topics they have decided upon.

Week of farce ends with lawyers banning councillors from the vote! (Read more) Download file 17 Sep 2010

A chaotic week inside the council ends with lawyers banning councillors for having discussed the issue they are to vote upon. Following officials refusal to talk about the issues, and news of financial chaos the week ends with local councillors told that because they have talked about the tram...

Councils can't understand legal advice threatening personal liability so adjourn vote for training (Read more) Download file 21 Sep 2010

Councillors firghtened at possible personal legal action adjourn the vote for 2 months ---so they can receive legal training in order to be able to UNDERSTAND the complex advice from TIE and CEC Lawyers!

AIr quality experts conference frustration at sidelining (Read more) Download file 22 Sep 2010

The Urban Air Quality conference in Edinburgh in September 2010 was marked by expressions of frustration by experts aware that they were not included inside the discussions when plans for new development are being formulated.  All too often they are brought in at the end after the plan is formed...

Bad outcomes from conflicts between Public transport and traffic displacement in Edinburgh (Read more) Download file 25 Oct 2010

Five slides showing issues in which Public Transport provision conflicts with the traffic it displaces.

Councillor Tymkewicz tells committee of his fears (Read more) Download file 06 Dec 2010

SNP councillor Stefan Tymkewycz reveals his own doubts over health issues, and the lack of clarity, in a motion to the oversight committee of the tram project; the Transport, Infrastructure & Evnvironment committee (TI&E)

The SNP as members of the ruling city coalition had a...

34- DEFRA advice shows residents right- Council wrong (Read more) Download file 04 Jan 2011

After rubbishing the resident's group for pointing out errors in Council air quality measurements -- the Council have been told by DEFRA, the residents ARE right and Copuncil staff have been wrong. January 4th 2011

The changed advice FROM Defra after errors flagged by residents (Read more) Download file 01 Feb 2011

Edinburgh Council had measured wrongly omitting the presence of parked cars-this DEFRAQ advice to experts followed the mistake being pointed out by Dr Ashley Lloyd one of the residents

release 40-- Ten streets named by CEC that their own figures show will have traffic increases (Read more) Download file 04 Mar 2011

By using CEC and TIE's own data and interpreting it, in ways the Council have not themselves published, it is possible to identify streets where more traffic will follow as the Tram project is pushed through and for years to come.