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Edinburgh Trams Facts Resources

This is a list of useful documents and other resources. Click on the release date column to organise chronologically or Resource name column for alphabetical listing. This is separate from the trams galleries

Resource Name Download Release datesort descending What is it?
Minutes of CEC meeting at which Haymarket option was adopted 25-08-2011 (Read more) Download file 25 Aug 2011

Councillors vote down the ruling coalition and go for the option to pause at Haymarket after expressing doubts over council officers figures for each option, worries that the York Place price even at £770M is an uncapped minimum, and realising the Haymarket option eliminates all pulltion added...

release 75 - Council vote lifts shadow of pollution (Read more) Download file 26 Aug 2011
  • A moment of Political commonsense and suddenly the clouds are clearing over Edinburgh.
  • Residents fighting a long battle over pollution and health fears welcome the decision to halt the scheme at Haymarket. 
release 77 - Should Cllr Mackenzie now resign? (Read more) Download file 31 Aug 2011
  • Cllr. Gordon Mackenzie either does not know what the facts are about the Tram Project in which he has been a pivotal figure for three years ….or he does know,
  • Which is it? – but either way it doesn’t look good. 
release 78a-Who Runs Edinburgh-01-09-2011 (Read more) Download file 01 Sep 2011
  • Indeed the letter begs one question above all, why start now -- after 90% of the money has already gone?
  • As ever in this sorry saga does something else lie behind this letter being sent at this time? 
CEC minutes for 02-09-2011 meeting at which vote for Haymarket option was over turned (Read more) Download file 02 Sep 2011

Just over a week after the council's Labour and Conservative groups carried the vote in favour of the 'pause at Haymarket' option the council reverses that decision with pressure from outside in the form of threats to remove funding by John Swinney of the SNP Scottish Government forcing the...

release 88 - A truth hidden is a truth denied- 29-11-2011 (Read more) Download file 29 Nov 2011
  •  Residents were not surprised by the heavily redacted documents offered to MSP Kezia Dugdale  in a travesty of a ‘Freedom’ of Information response concerning aspects of the governance of the Tram Project.
release 89- United Nations Invitation to Edinburgh man - 13-12-2011 (Read more) Download file 13 Dec 2011

Two Edinburgh Residents are going to the United Nations’ Palais des Nations Building in Geneva this week to address the UN’s Aarhus Convention committee. The reason for their invitation is that the committee feel there is a Prima Facie case to believe Edinburgh Council may have...

release 91b- UNITED NATIONS hearing outcome briefing notes-19-12-2011 (Read more) Download file 19 Dec 2011

        An initial attempt by the UK government Barrister to portray the issue as a small one affecting a very small number of people, and therefore out-with the remit of the committee was not accepted.

        Then, following a full day’s hearing, the committee have requested more...

release 93- Workshops report warning- 20-12-2011 (Read more) Download file 20 Dec 2011


  •  The ‘Tram Workshops’ process was proposed by Councillors as a way of bringing together in meaningful engagement the Council managers of the Edinburgh Traffic system and the residents unhappy at the effects of the Tram project on the...
AEA Edinburgh Air Quality Data (Read more) Download file 27 Dec 2011

This is a breakdown of air quality at Edinburgh's monitoring stations.