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air pollution

No ' i ' in TEam anymore

on Sat, 11/24/2012 - 00:09

There's no 'i' in the TIE team anymore.

Maybe it was removed for a good reason, or maybe not...we don't know because we haven't been told.

But could it be a harbinger of more wide ranging changes that could see Edinburgh left with a unique committee overseeing it's unique tram project?????

Anyone know the answer to this question?

on Mon, 11/12/2012 - 18:04

Given the enormous weight of scientific evidence, and even some mentions by Edinburgh Council recently, it is beyond argument that traffic created pollution causes illness in people (respiratory conditions like asthma) and even early deaths, often through cardiac attacks or strokes (some elements in pollution thicken the blood).


on Tue, 10/30/2012 - 11:28

This article/comment piece in the Evening News is an example of why the recent UN Aarhus findings are important in helping people keep those in authority 'honest' and have facts at their fingertips and not PR spin chucked in their faces.



ON the one hand.....

ON the one hand ..... it's all brilliant but only if it doesn't snow!

Does this mean someone inside the council thinks that the positive spin is rotating so quickly it is in danger of overbalancing and smashing into the ground?  So they immediately 'rowed back smartly' from the sunshiney glow of the first press release with the wintery warning of the second?

Who knows what goes on inside Edinburgh's council?

Why can Londoners get facts while we get ignored?

The debate over London's airport capacity received an important additional contribution recently in a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) who found that expanding Heathrow could result in 3 times as many deaths from the reulting pollution in 2030 than building an airport on the other side of the city in the Thames Estaury.

Edinburgh Council's Credibility Gap Video

This 2 minute video report (click here to see it) speaks for itself...  Edinburgh Council fought for years to say that the traffic in this street flows down the kerbside.

It doesn't though!

They have continued for another two years to pretend it flows 'down the edge of the parked cars'.

It doesn't though!

Fail to plan really is plan to fail

What is happening to Edinburgh is very sad.  

What was one of the most liveable of cities is slowly being sacrificed on the altar of an unworkable idea.

 The problem is not the 'temporary' period of the works but the permanent aftermath following construction ---look at the plans (mentioned by others in comments to the article above) and  the problems are obvious.  

The air that we breathe...

This 2011 data table shows the latest available position in respect of air quality figures in Great Stuart Street and St Colme Street..

Air quality levels are important not only because air pollution  causes illnesses and death, but they are also important because they act as a concrete and measurable indicator of the other effects of rising traffic levels in terms  noise, danger and sheer degredation to the living environment.  

Errors and omissions in Sue Bruce's speech

Sue Bruce the CEO of Edinburgh Council has made a speech (full text of report here) which contains a number of big statements and claims about the benefits of the tram project, unfortunately they seem to be unsupported by the actual facts in the Council's own reports.

This story (here) is to be circulated to press, media , all councillors and a group of MSPs and MPs who have shown a real interest in getting to the bottom of this mess.