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air pollution

release 93 - Workshops report warning - 20-12-2012


  • The ‘Tram Workshops’ process was proposed by Councillors as a way of bringing together in meaningful engagement the Council managers of the Edinburgh Traffic system and the residents unhappy at the effects of the Tram project on the City traffic flows.


release 66 - When the Figures just don't add up



  • Properly corrected figures show the first ‘post-tram’ traffic diversions have sent pollution towards or even above EU limits



  1. Is Edinburgh the only council in the UK or even Europe actively trying to increase pollution levels??


DEFRA to Edinburgh Council--you are wrong; the residents are right!--release 34

Dated 04-01-2011

The Govt department DEFRA are providing new instructions for all councils in the UK measuring air quality following work by an Edinburgh resident.


Dr Ashley Lloyd, and Edinburgh resident, has maintained that the City of Edinburgh council figures for traffic created air pollution have been routinely and consistently under-estimated because of an error in applying a mathematical formula ‘correction factor’.