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Wake up call for Broughton

The Press are reporting that two lanes are to be closed in York Place and traffic diverted through various streets.

The Council present this announcement as if at some point the work will finish, they will remove the diversion signs and all will return to normal.

In a sense they are right but the 'normal' will be the new normal, and the traffic will continue to divert even though the yellow signs are removed.

Council staff 'likely to face charges' according to former Council leader

The link below connect to a story in the Scotsman 07-04-2012 about the ongoing Police investigation into alleged fraud within the City Council's Property Repair Service.

While not connected to the Tram Project it links to the general concerns over systemic governance failures within the Council that have allowed this situation, and the mismanagement of the tram project, to happen without repsonsioble oversight .

The Council's Buried Figures 24-08-2010

Edinburgh Trams--- good for the residents and Council taxpayers OR tourists?




Residents worried about the troubled Edinburgh tram system have found figures buried in a consultants report TO the council that showed that in 2003 the council were told by their own experts that from the start vast numbers of homes across the whole of Edinburgh would be worse off in terms of pollution, noise and traffic congestion BECAUSE of the tram becoming operational.


City of Edinburgh Council hear of unforseen pollution effects due to Tram project


Edinburgh Council to hear today (actual date Tuesday 27th,  July) about unforeseen toxic traffic pollution threats caused by new City Tram scheme posing a threat to families.