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City of Edinburgh Council

DEFRA's sign of the times on air quality

At the heart of the objections to the tram project as presently being pushed through is the beleif that in order to keep the project in any sort of form in the teeth of a whirlwind of managagement and financial problems, the council have attempted to turn a blind eye to what could be the most serious problem of all---the effects on public health of the increases in traffic created pollution caused by the need of this project to empty all roads along which it runs.

Traffic concerns spreading with two petitions

Two petitions highlighting concerns about traffic increases in Edinburgh have come to our attention.

One is available in Mr Malik's newsagent shop on the corner of Lynedoch Place and Drumsheugh Gardens and the other at the West End Medical practice in Chester Street Towards Palmerston Place.

Both are gaining signatures at a rate of knots and illustrate that awareness of the developing problem is gaining ground.

Ironic or what?

on Wed, 05/23/2012 - 09:57

Art reflecting life with a poster urging everyone to send a drawing of a tram to their MSP today and urge them to back the Edinburgh tram project.  

Ironically, you'll see the poster shows a tram!!-- not the light rail train that Edinburgh is actually planting on the main roads across the city.


The Edinburgh tram project's already balloonming cost may be about to balloon further.

The most recent assertions from Edinburgh Council are that all is well and (finally) on track--however John Carson a promionent tram crtic whose predictions have been proved to be right in the past, now fears the tram is poised to slip further even behind the new revised schedule with the results that even more money will be needed.

Edinburgh Council

on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 16:17

The tram is like something out of Greek Mythology or Norse's siren song beguiles, and then the hideous reality destroys.

Don't worry...the tram isn't dead, 'e's just stunned!

on Wed, 05/02/2012 - 16:42


4 questions for new councillors


OPEN LETTER to Sue Bruce from a group of concerned engineers

A group of concerned engineers wrote an open letter about the trams almost a year ago and many of those concerns, disregarded by the council came to pass---not least in the recent scandal about toxic land being fly tipped.... one of the specific issues flagged up in the letter.

Now they have written a second letter expressing grave concerns about the engineering problems in the turn needed after leaving St Andrews Square, using North St Andrews Street, to get into York Place.