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City of Edinburgh Council

DARKNESS VISIBLE-- email extracts from CEC


Emails obtained fromn one Freedom of Information request shed light on what was going on behind the scenes when others were made last year.

The June 30th meeting of the council was a crucial one in setting the course of the project in the teeth of heavy criticism and fears over the eventual total cost.

It isn't just us saying it

Born in Edinburgh, spent years in Academia, in London and Oxford, and on the FT,  but obviously hasn't had all the commonsense knocked out of him..a view on the Trams from John Kay with a well argued and concise view on why "Trams belong museums".....

108-Worse than Road accidents, worse than passive smoking




Independents day 2

on Mon, 04/23/2012 - 15:30


109 – Independents day II!


  1. A document has been left on the doorstep of EdinburghTramFacts (ETF) (extremely) modest office that appears to have been produced by a previously unknown, but doubtless highly respected, think tank.


Secret vision for Princes Street in CEC lost video

on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 12:53

A secret Edinburgh Council video reveals Post-tram vision for pedestrianised Princes Street with full integration of retail developments and tram in innovative and  energised city centre fit for the 21st Century.

Vote for Dummies! You know it makes sense

on Fri, 04/20/2012 - 12:09

The present case being prosecuted in Aberdeen should be reversed and shop dummies ought to be allowed to stand in elections.

They could hardly do a worse job than the people there now and there are very great advantages as councillor expenses could be dramatically reduced:

Independents day

Despite the recent spin, worries have already emerged that the Tram project is again heading for more catastrophic overspending even on the bloated new budget.

Things have to change and they can change only if the elected Council chamber can be re-energised and re-invigorated.

Edinburgh Council Chiefs broke the Law over 'document shredding' case

The constant drip feed of news about how the council manage the news surrounding the tram is disturbing.

The default position for a while has been to say nothing, but increasingly evidnence like today's news from the Scottish Information Commissioner shows an inquiry is urgently needed wile there is still time to address the catastophic fault lines still lying across the project as it stands.

Anti tram posters -- signs of the 'Edinburgh Spring'?

on Sun, 04/15/2012 - 15:40

One of the things the council continue fall back on is the 'public approval' for the 'Tram Project' supposedly signalled by early questionaires.

But of course given the right questions one can always get the answers one wants, and the basic fact is that no proper Public Enquiry was held on the project and much of the consultation was little more than a clever marketing excercise.