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City of Edinburgh Council

Businesses face bleak future

Edinburgh trams: Traders left ‘fearful’ at latest works  

Scotsman - Published on Friday 23 March 2012 12:00

THE latest phase of the city-centre tram project, which gets under way this weekend, will create almost continuous roadworks from Haymarket to Waverley.

release 97- Whe is a commitment to openness not a commitment to openness 26-03-2012

Dated 26-03-20102

When is a commitment to openness not a commitment to openness?

When it needs to be worked out later?


release 96- Lies, Damn Lies and NO statistics-- 09-03-2012


  • We have recently had some tantalising glimpses of a scheme for a part of the city that, for once, justifies the use of the word iconic: Charlotte Square.


release 95 - Southern Arc of Confusion-02-03-2012

An ‘Arc of confusion’ from CEC


  • A recent report from the Council triggered by health statistic anomalies has raised concerns about traffic created pollution and its effects - This new found concern has been expressed in recent media articles as being of sufficient scale to demand consideration of extensive traffic controls.


release 94 - Who said what to who- 21-02-1012


  • Until December 2010 the Council were routinely revealing what are called ‘raw’ or ‘unvalidated’ figures for air quality levels, in terms of one ‘marker’ pollutant N02-Nitrogen Dioxide..


release 93 - Workshops report warning - 20-12-2012


  • The ‘Tram Workshops’ process was proposed by Councillors as a way of bringing together in meaningful engagement the Council managers of the Edinburgh Traffic system and the residents unhappy at the effects of the Tram project on the City traffic flows.


release 91b- United Nations meeting outcome briefing notes- 19-12-2011

Update on the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee hearing last week


        The resident’s group feel it went very well for them in terms of the attention paid to the arguments by the committee.


        An initial attempt by the UK government Barrister to portray the issue as a small one affecting a very small number of people, and therefore out-with the remit of the committee was not accepted.


release 89- United Nations invitation to Edimburgh man- 13-12-2011

Two Edinburgh Residents are going to the United Nations’ Palais des Nations Building in Geneva this week to address the UN’s Aarhus Convention committee.



The reason for their invitation is that the committee feel there is a Prima Facie case to believe Edinburgh Council may have broken their own rules for ensuring proper Public consultation and involvement, over the Tram scheme.



release 88- A truth hidden is a truth denied- 29-11-2011

(To see the images of redaction click here to link to the pdf copy of this on our site)


The Truth?


No truth - and anything but the truth!


  • As many of you know Edinburgh residents worried about pollution levels directly caused by the misconceived tram project have been battling for months to force the council to reveal the truth.


release 78a-Who Runs Edinburgh - 01-09-2011

  • This is the letter from Transport Scotland that those unable to see beyond St Andrews Square are relying upon to change the decision to safeguard the City’s financial well being.


  • Indeed the letter begs one question above all, why start now -- after 90% of the money has already gone?


  • As ever in this sorry saga does something else lie behind this letter being sent at this time?