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City of Edinburgh Council

It isn't HOW they say what they say that's important... it's WHAT they actually said that matters

on Sat, 06/22/2013 - 19:48

It's sometimes worth looking back to see what people said back in the old days,as here in 2003 by a chap called Andrew Burns, confident that Edinburgh wouldn't make the same mistakes as all those  other places had made building a tram --- Or here by a Gordon Mackenzie in 2010 strenuously denying...well, some far fetched story that the tram may not get to Leith...AS IF?!?

Open Data at G8... not in Edinburgh

Suddenly Summer and sunshine is breaking out all over where the Public's right to know is concerned.

Except in Edinburgh.

While the reported potential committment from the G8 countries has yet to materialise, the trailing of it in newspapers like the Telegraph indicate some kind of realisation is dawning that 'their data' IS actually 'our data'- and it's in their interest to wake up and realise this.

No problems, no worries, no matter

on Wed, 06/05/2013 - 08:38

These sorts of thing (The reported about-turn on the one way Loop(y) plan for public transport around George Street/Princes Street) are what happen when warnings are ignored, and consequently disasters turn into crises and then to catastrophes.

TWO studies, ONE Fib

The NHS Review already a year old, of the issue of deaths from air pollution  (they are not focussing on the illnesses -- for a reference to a more recent study on illnesses caused, and in particular Childhood asthma from this year see here), perhaps the biggest 'lie' that the Council are happy to see broadcast about the tram project is the one that says t

Resident's response to City Centre Vision plan from the Council

Residents in one of the first neighbourhoods to really feel the effects of the Tram project on traffic levels have sent around a document in their own neighbourhood which may be of help to other areas starting to realise the  increased traffic they are seeing is perhaps not going to be either as temporary or

An Awesome Foursome of Tram success??

It's often the case that in Regional media stories about the tram the interesting parts are not in the headline, or intro praragraphs, but are buried a little more deeply within the story.

Fings ain't what they used to be...

on Sat, 04/27/2013 - 12:15

The two basic problems with the tram project are that it isn't over and won't be over the day the first tram runs.

Instead of a 'full stop-turn the page' moment the inaugural run with paying passengers will merely be a comma in the rolling disaster the project has always been -- and will continue to be.

Pollution a problem,? Try telling that to the Scientific Services depart

on Sun, 03/17/2013 - 22:58

Another day and another article prompted by the City of Edinburgh Council, the Council quotes spin around the possibility of Low Emission Zones, not a new idea and not a bad idea...but no excuse us if we don't seem overjoyed to hear it.

Compare and contrast..Council spin with council facts

on Wed, 03/13/2013 - 21:32

This piece on the welcome page (page since updated) links into some recent articles in the local media provided by the Council's ever obliging PR machine---and contrasts them with facts .. all obtained from the Council's own reports or through freedom of Information requests.

Yet, funnily enough, never---ever--mentioned in any Council Pr releases

 Wonder why that is?