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City of Edinburgh Council

The things they said in 2006

It is interesting to see how ready politicans always are to speak about things well into the future, but less keen to look back at what they said in the past.

2010 is no longer 'well into the future' now of course, and in 2006 crictics of the tram project were told, as ever, that 'looking back is pointless' and 'it's time to move on'.  

Predictions from CEC in 2001, 2006 and 2012

Edinburgh Council are always saying the Tram is 'now' on time and within budget---the new budget.

As Dirty Harry didn't say--but quite possibly might have,  had he lived in Edinburgh and worked for the Council's PR department  -- " Do you feel lucky punks?"

Comment is free..but not much else is...

on Sat, 07/28/2012 - 17:54

Like an army of oocupation the Council continue to bear down on their own citizenry.

Is there anything wrong with bus lanes? Not at all, and nor is there anything wrong with enforcing laws and traffic regulations.

But 10,000 people caught in a 10 week period ought to drive some debate about whether the people of Edinburgh realloy are so rich they flout the law even when they know capture (at least for the law breakers who correctly insure and register their vehicles) is inevitable, and conviction automatic.

Fail to plan really is plan to fail

What is happening to Edinburgh is very sad.  

What was one of the most liveable of cities is slowly being sacrificed on the altar of an unworkable idea.

 The problem is not the 'temporary' period of the works but the permanent aftermath following construction ---look at the plans (mentioned by others in comments to the article above) and  the problems are obvious.  

Doubts cast over tram money running out...again!!

This article in a specalist Engineering magazine casts doubts over the cash situation of the Tram Project.

This is a familiar story for those who remember repeated warnings from the likes of John Carson some years back in which he warned the project was dangerously off track; only to be accused of being alarmist by the Project PR machine, and prominent council supporters, who repeatedly said the project was on time and on budget..

U turn or no U turn there's no way TO turn

on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 12:21

The Edinburgh tram project and it's effect on people's lives in their homes is the upfront story but not the real story.

The fact is that making the city centre and the city as whole liveable, walkable, bicyclable is a worthwhile goal.more than that, it is admirable, praiseworthy and fine in all aspects

The council's plan drawing showing road space and traffic post tram construction

There is a lot of talk, anger, dismay, dissension and despair about the present chaos arising from the diversions from York Place, while construction is going on.

The Council are carefully not spelling out that enormous changes to the capacity of York Place to carry traffic are permanenet results of the present 'construction' phase.  This is a repeat of their tactics used elsewhere to sideline any opposition.

An absent minded zombie destroying the city

I think I agree with some people on the Scotsman website who blogged that this was a bit of a weak story... in truth it is a case study that should sit inside in a larger story.

Best article ever in the Scotsman about the tram....well, probably

on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 11:10

This has to be the best article about the tram and it's REAL costs...ever(!!!) in the Scotsman.

It explains precisely why the real cost isn't just the £1 Billion plus in capital and interest charges.

The real cost is the loss of opportunity to be able to give Edinburgh a properly integrated, properly 21st Century transport system.

It's like the M6 Motorway!!!!!!

The schools aren't back but already residents on the Albany Terrace, Abercromby Place route are complaining that it's like 'the M6 motorway'.