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EDinburgh Council

1934 and all that....

on Sun, 02/15/2015 - 20:50

"Churchill was distressed at what he saw as sophistry and evasion. He was convinced he was upholding a basic principle a basic of principle of (Parliamentary) democracy, that the Government must act honestly in its evaluation of information, and draw the correct conclusions from those facts, however embarrasing or alarming they might be, rather than twist them to fit the policy."

(From the recently deceased great historian Martin Gilbert's biography*Churchill: A life* pg 528).

What does the proposed M1 Motorway speed limit tell us about Edinburgh?

The BBC and other media have been telling us that the government is proposing to set up a 60mph speed limit for a 32-mile stretch of the M1, in a bid to cut pollution.

This is because reducing the speed from 70mph to 60mph is expected to reduce the adverse effects of the traffic in respect of air quality.

Dispelling the smoke and mirrors-- to get at the facts and figures

Long standing critic of the tram project management and finances John Carson has set out yet more worrying facts in a letter to the Scotsman newspaper today (June 24th 2013) showing how the already enormous financial black hole into which the city has been plunged may not even be the final word.

Mr Carson has not only been a consistent critic of the project but has been proved consistently right.

Another site for tram info

on Wed, 01/16/2013 - 00:09

A good Blog piece on this site which translates much of the Council's Spin Frenzy (in which every incident however tiny is given the full Pomp and Circumstance Orchestral treatment) back into reality.

If at first you don't succeed --- pay for more PR

Another day and another little shaft of light shone in on the way the Tram project has been pursued.

Given the council have a large (very large) and well resourced PR department on the payroll it shouldn't be necessary to spend £1 Million with 4 outside firms on the project PR.

Crisis Management is just spin, there are other elements to it than simply accentuating the positives and ignoring the negatives.

Alstead v Anderson-- exchange over the tram project

An exchange between former Council leader Donald Anderson emerging from the political and professional graveyard becoming ever more populated by people who accepted the case for the tram project uncritically, to gently re-write the history of the project--and Allan alstead a prominent and long standing sceptic of the same project.

Council staff 'likely to face charges' according to former Council leader

The link below connect to a story in the Scotsman 07-04-2012 about the ongoing Police investigation into alleged fraud within the City Council's Property Repair Service.

While not connected to the Tram Project it links to the general concerns over systemic governance failures within the Council that have allowed this situation, and the mismanagement of the tram project, to happen without repsonsioble oversight .


on Tue, 04/03/2012 - 22:57

Edinburgh Council are to pursue the Portobello Park Action Group (PPAG) for their costs in fighting a case over the conflict between the PPAG desire to protect parkland and the Council's desire to build a new school on some of that land.

In the story and press release:

The Council's Buried Figures 24-08-2010

Edinburgh Trams--- good for the residents and Council taxpayers OR tourists?




Residents worried about the troubled Edinburgh tram system have found figures buried in a consultants report TO the council that showed that in 2003 the council were told by their own experts that from the start vast numbers of homes across the whole of Edinburgh would be worse off in terms of pollution, noise and traffic congestion BECAUSE of the tram becoming operational.