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Edinburgh trams

Why don't we shut up and just leave it to the experts?

on Sun, 11/18/2012 - 17:28

To some within Edinburgh Council we are just a bunch of troublemakers looking for any excuse to keep moaning about the tram project, which they wish to portray as  now well on track and heading for success; and we'd be better advised to just get in behind it and give it all our support.

The reason we don't do this is we believe the Council are NOT heading for success but to an ever more serious disaster.

The UN remind CEC that the Workshops process is important

Lelsey Hinds the Tram Trasina has said on a number of occasions recently that faceless officials should not be allowed to create policy especially because councillors, the elected representatives, abrogate their responsibilities in this area..

This release shows an example of how officers in effect created a policy of non-cooperation where the intention of councillors had been one of cooperation and consultation. 

Confusion on Hope Street

This release highlights a situation that shows why residents have become so cynical about Council pronouncements on the tram project, it's effects, and their committment to addressing these.

Hope Street, To Be...or Not to Be

The UN's Aarhus Convention Compliance Commission (ACCC) isn't really there to 'do detail' and second guess experts about their schemes and the plans, in order to make a judgement on whether this or that tram system is better or worse.

So when they mention a detail it is significant.

Aarhus decision received

The UNECE Aarhus Convention people have produced their final 'Findings and Recommendations' document in respect of the communication brought to them by the two Edinburgh residents.
A first draft version, was distributed to all the parties involved to g

ON the one hand.....

ON the one hand ..... it's all brilliant but only if it doesn't snow!

Does this mean someone inside the council thinks that the positive spin is rotating so quickly it is in danger of overbalancing and smashing into the ground?  So they immediately 'rowed back smartly' from the sunshiney glow of the first press release with the wintery warning of the second?

Who knows what goes on inside Edinburgh's council?

Why can Londoners get facts while we get ignored?

The debate over London's airport capacity received an important additional contribution recently in a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) who found that expanding Heathrow could result in 3 times as many deaths from the reulting pollution in 2030 than building an airport on the other side of the city in the Thames Estaury.