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Edinburgh trams

U turn or no U turn there's no way TO turn

on Wed, 07/25/2012 - 12:21

The Edinburgh tram project and it's effect on people's lives in their homes is the upfront story but not the real story.

The fact is that making the city centre and the city as whole liveable, walkable, bicyclable is a worthwhile goal.more than that, it is admirable, praiseworthy and fine in all aspects

The council's plan drawing showing road space and traffic post tram construction

There is a lot of talk, anger, dismay, dissension and despair about the present chaos arising from the diversions from York Place, while construction is going on.

The Council are carefully not spelling out that enormous changes to the capacity of York Place to carry traffic are permanenet results of the present 'construction' phase.  This is a repeat of their tactics used elsewhere to sideline any opposition.

Best article ever in the Scotsman about the tram....well, probably

on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 11:10

This has to be the best article about the tram and it's REAL costs...ever(!!!) in the Scotsman.

It explains precisely why the real cost isn't just the £1 Billion plus in capital and interest charges.

The real cost is the loss of opportunity to be able to give Edinburgh a properly integrated, properly 21st Century transport system.

It's like the M6 Motorway!!!!!!

The schools aren't back but already residents on the Albany Terrace, Abercromby Place route are complaining that it's like 'the M6 motorway'.

The air that we breathe...

This 2011 data table shows the latest available position in respect of air quality figures in Great Stuart Street and St Colme Street..

Air quality levels are important not only because air pollution  causes illnesses and death, but they are also important because they act as a concrete and measurable indicator of the other effects of rising traffic levels in terms  noise, danger and sheer degredation to the living environment.  

The Three Wise Monkeys

on Mon, 07/16/2012 - 10:20

This article in the Sunday Herald's Business section ponders whether Transport Scotland are to blame for lax supervison of the building works (and failing to spot that nothing was happening while the money mountain was disappearing)---or  whether CEC and/or TIE Ltd are to blame for not reporting that the money was disappearing but no tram system appearing.

New Tram Tsar's job application

on Sun, 07/15/2012 - 13:45

The job application for Edinburgh's potential new tram tsar Aldo Broon has emerged on another website blog .

 Mr Broon appears motivated completely by the size of the salary, and also anticipates the possible severance deal, rather than old fashioned ideas about doing what is best for the city or the people in it and so seems completely suited to running the project as it now stands.

Inquiry now calls from columnist

Growing calls for action now (and not many years from now),  in a  perceptive column by Gina Davidson.

We couldn't agree more.  

Past mistakes need to be examined, along with the roles played by every political party bar none, the Scottish Government, and not least whether half a thousand million pounds was simply wasted through ineptitude---- or whether some may have been lost less innocently along the way.