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financial chaos

Dispelling the smoke and mirrors-- to get at the facts and figures

Long standing critic of the tram project management and finances John Carson has set out yet more worrying facts in a letter to the Scotsman newspaper today (June 24th 2013) showing how the already enormous financial black hole into which the city has been plunged may not even be the final word.

Mr Carson has not only been a consistent critic of the project but has been proved consistently right.

Signs of the times--anti-tram posters

This link to a Flckr site connects to a series of anti-tram posters produced by a small print shop in the Haymarket area typical of many small businesses across the city having to battle through years of upheaval driving away custom with no real idea of what, if any , the advantages will be even when the work finishes.

The words in italic are there own description of the effects of this project.

106w- Daily Record story casts Doubt on Trams figures


Telling it as it is……. Not only the reporter who wrote the story but the people commenting on the story in the Daily Record today (April 13th 2012) 

Costs soaring to infinity and beyond


For downloadable PDF version click here

Costs soar off the Graph …   To infinity and beyond!

For the residents group the main objection to the Edinburgh Tram project is and always has been the heedless displacement of traffic it causes.

w104---The money is already running out..... again!!


The truth will out eventually.

The latest reports today show that even the extra £231M borrowed is running out quickly

But as ever you could have 'read it here first'.: