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WE said...they said...this happened

on Wed, 07/06/2016 - 00:36

One thing about just keeping on, keeping on , for long enough is that eventually things that begin as predictions eventually become facts.

In respect of the Tram project in Edinburgh since we started our attempt to get the Council to listen,it went from much delayed vanity project to hastily finished reality.

The passenger number projections which fell throughout it's planning and building were eventually revised down to such a low level they ended up embedding an operating loss, and created such a low bar that a small trench had to be created to lay it in.

Not even our Council could fail

Fail to plan really is plan to fail

What is happening to Edinburgh is very sad.  

What was one of the most liveable of cities is slowly being sacrificed on the altar of an unworkable idea.

 The problem is not the 'temporary' period of the works but the permanent aftermath following construction ---look at the plans (mentioned by others in comments to the article above) and  the problems are obvious.  

 Read STAG 2003 planning and feasibility report to see 60% of our Citiy's residential streets can expect an increase in traffic DUE to the tram being introduced.

With all the noise, pollution, bad health effects and other small

release 66 - When the Figures just don't add up



  • Properly corrected figures show the first ‘post-tram’ traffic diversions have sent pollution towards or even above EU limits



  1. Is Edinburgh the only council in the UK or even Europe actively trying to increase pollution levels??


The Council were releasing monthly figures all through 2010 until a DEFRA ruling demolished the basis of these.


Since then (December last year) no figures have been released despite the increasingly high profile at last being given to traffic created air pollution levels and the possible of EU fines running into the tens of millions.


The picture


(As this news article contains pictures that haven't displayed -please click here to see the PDF version on this site in Resources)

FIDDLING THE FIGURES…..  How to make pollution disappear and keep the tram project on track, without having to lift a finger.


Residents were extremely disappointed that a meeting designed to  ‘get at the truth’, turned out to be so over controlled, heavily choreographed and carefully ‘managed’ it failed to cover many of the issues.


Previous meetings have been curtailed, debate shortened and as a result councillors called for an ordinary meeting simply to

TRO mechanism not fit for purpose

Dated: 06-12-2010



  1. A City Councillor on the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment committee says “The main problem…. is the TRO process was not designed to cater for projects… like this one.”


  • “It could be a grave decision that was agreed …. If it subsequently transpires that there are implications for resident’s health, by shifting a busy arterial route into residential streets.”




  1. A Packed Edinburgh Residents meeting asks ‘why haven’t we been told any of this before?’



A week of farce ends with lawyers banning councillors from voting

Dated: 17-09-2010






  • The Council solicitor is having more and more influence on the battle by residents to have their case heard fairly.


  • At a vital TIE meeting on Tuesday the solicitor has decided not to allow democracy to be done or seen to be done.



  • For good measure he has also stopped the city centre councillors from voting on it as well.


  • Who is the Council solicitor, when did we vote him or her, or them, in?




There is obviously a place for legal advice to

SEPA Urban air quality seminar

Dated 09-09-2010

Headlines from SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) hosted conference of Air Quality Council Officers, Consultants and Transport Planning experts held in Edinburgh.


  • More people die each year in the UK because of causes attributable to poor air quality than died in the whole of the Blitz---50,000.


  • The gain in life expectancy through reducing traffic pollution is around 4 times in life expectancy terms than the gain in reducing passive smoking.


  • Remember all the fuss about passive smoking and the smoking bans?

The Council's Buried Figures 24-08-2010

Edinburgh Trams--- good for the residents and Council taxpayers OR tourists?




Residents worried about the troubled Edinburgh tram system have found figures buried in a consultants report TO the council that showed that in 2003 the council were told by their own experts that from the start vast numbers of homes across the whole of Edinburgh would be worse off in terms of pollution, noise and traffic congestion BECAUSE of the tram becoming operational.


  • TIE were told at the start by their own expert consultants that 134,000 homes would be worse off by 2026 - compared

City of Edinburgh Council hear of unforseen pollution effects due to Tram project


Edinburgh Council to hear today (actual date Tuesday 27th,  July) about unforeseen toxic traffic pollution threats caused by new City Tram scheme posing a threat to families.


  • Health threats from toxic traffic pollutants
  • Threat improperly understood by Councillors
  • Residents face health implications
  • Potential for EU fines in the millions for breaching air quality levels.
  • Not only residents facing pollutants threat-- many more schools now on roads taking displaced traffic


Edinburgh residents have won the right to make a presentation to councillors

Traffic Creates pollution dangers ??!!

on Thu, 03/01/2012 - 12:37
HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!!! Council realise traffic created pollution is a health hazard!!

You just couldn't make it up!!

The City of Edinburgh Council recognise Traffic created pollution is a major health hazard for people who live in the city.

Yet they have spent  years fighting against admitting this and right now are still fighting against admitting it.

Less than a mile and a half from the area on the South side of the Old Town mentioned in the article about which they have suddenly 'discovered '